Creating your website may be fascinating, but the questions that come right after this are ‘Do I need SSL?’, ‘Why is SSL important?’ The answer is a big ‘YES!’ You may wonder why and what benefits it holds for my website? Let’s delve deeper into this aspect.

With the world going digital, websites address each of our needs. In 2021, an SSL certificate isn’t a luxury but a necessity. So, let’s explore the five key advantages of using an SSL certificate:

1. SSL encrypts data

The primary function of an SSL certificate is to encrypt server-client communication. After its installation, every bit of your data is encrypted. This information can only be unlocked by those holding the key. In some cases, the intended recipient may be the browser or server or an individual user.

While handling sensitive data like ODs, passwords, credit card numbers, etc., SSL protects your website from malicious hacking attempts. The role of SSL is to modify the data into an undecipherable format. So, whatever the approach a hacker intends to adopt, it will be a complete failure.

2. SSL confirms your identity

Identity theft is one of the prime cybercrimes nowadays. So, being a website owner, you have to take all possible measures to curb this disastrous possibility.

Now, the question is how to achieve this? It is simple to protect your website with SSL certification. In recent times, the internet has become increasingly deceptive. Instances are there when people have lost thousands of dollars on malicious websites. This is where the significance of SSL comes into play.

When installing an SSL certificate, you must pass a validation process established by an independent third party known as a Certificate Authority (CA).

The CA verifies your and your organization’s identity, depending on the type of certificate. After establishing your identity, your website receives trust indicators attesting to your integrity. When users see them, they immediately recognize who they are speaking with.

It’s better to consider these to be verified Twitter accounts. The only difference is that you must verify your identity on the website rather than through your Twitter account.

This verification ensures that no imposter creates a bogus webpage impersonating yours. This is referred to as Phishing in technical terms. Thus, SSL directs users to your legitimate website, protects them from fraud, and improves your reputation.

3. Better Google ranking

To ensure users’ safety while browsing, Google will boost the search engine ranking of websites with an SSL Certificate. HTTPS will be used as a ranking factor in SEO. As a result, it is recommended that you immediately install an SSL certificate on your website if SEO is a top priority for you.

4. Enables your website to satisfy PCI/DSS requirements

You should be familiar with PCI/DSS compliance if you accept online payments. Your website must be PCI compliant to accept online payments. Installing an SSL certificate is one of the payment card industry’s twelve primary requirements (PCI). Henceforth, SSL is required under all circumstances, irrespective of your needs.

5. Enhances customer trust

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is also referred to as TTL (Transport Layer Security) for obvious reasons. Besides this security aspect, SSL also goes a long way in building customer trust. The easily identifiable signs inform users that their data will be secure.

Additionally, if you’ve installed an OV or EV SSL, they can view information about your organization. Once they’ve established that you’re a legitimate business, they’re more likely to conduct business with you or even return to your website.

Some other benefits of installing an SSL for your essay writer website include:

  1. Faster loading of your website
  2. SSL certificates future proof your site
  3. Chrome displays your site properly
  4. Your website seems trustworthy to the audience.

How to convert your HTTP website to HTTPS?

If you are a tech geek, converting an HTTP website to HTTPS is simple. Follow these steps and get it done in a go:

  • Invest in an SSL Certificate: You can purchase one from a reputable SSL certificate provider such as SSL2BUY.
  • Install the Certificate: If your website is hosted on a shared hosting server, the hosting company can perform this task for you.
  • All links beginning with HTTP should be changed to HTTPS: You will need to redirect all traffic to the revised links, ensuring that the user is redirected from the unsecured web pages to the secured HTTPS version. You can seek technical assistance if you are unfamiliar with the technical jargon associated with the World Wide Web.
  • Update Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and similar tools: With Google constantly changing its algorithms, it has become essential to update Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other related tools regularly. This activity of yours includes the encrypted pages to conduct proper tracking.

Wrapping Up

A Secure Sockets Layer Certificate can significantly improve engagement by instilling a sense of trust in your customers. If a competitive bottleneck is sabotaging your website’s performance, it’s time to consider purchasing an SSL certificate and converting your website visitors into customers. It will assist you in gaining their loyalty and establishing your business as a reputable one.

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