Fashion is all about styling with all you have. It’s not necessary to buy a new dress every time for every different occasion.

If you learn to mix and match your clothes with little sense of colour schemes and tones, you will become a pro at transforming your entire look easily.

Going for a drinks party after work but you don’t have time to change your outfit. It happens to every one of us quite often.

For such days, here we have come up with a few transformation ideas, where you can use your day outfit for your casual outings at night with just a few modifications.

1. The Little Black Dress

Black dress is everyone’s favourite. Keep a sexy little dress handy in your closet for such fine outings. You can wear this dress with a formal jacket or coat with professional shoes in the daytime.

Keep your high heels and long chandelier earrings along to transform your look at night. You can add an extra oomph to your look with dramatic casual makeup.

2. The Dress Shirt

A dress shirt is another versatile piece of fabric. You can wear a shirt or dress in jackets or shrugs at the office. You need to keep your shirt dress more professional in your workspace, so button it up properly.

Tie your hair and wear joggings or leggings if required. While going to a party at night, you can let your hair down and remove any layers over your dress.

Make your shirt dress as a solo performer in high heels or boots and a statement bag. You can add up a few accessories like bracelets, rings and earrings if required.

3. Wear Versatile Pieces

The basic trick to always keep in mind for this surreal transformation is to choose versatile clothes. If your plans are confirmed a day before then you have time to choose your clothes for the party and office.

Pick up your favourite dress, it could be a pair of casual jeans with a shimmery top. You have plenty of options to layer up this outfit for your office in the daytime.

Keep it sober at your office and add up the accessories during the night for the transformed appearance.

4. Slip-On A Statement Jacket

Talking about accessories, jackets can make a big difference to your look. You just need to carry a funky, bright coloured jacket to add a style statement.

This jacket will act as a showstopper covering up your attire from the daytime. You can go for denim jackets with embroidery, shimmer jackets, embellished with stones and crystals, or anything in trend at the time.

Never forget to add a belt of shoes with similar colour or tone to make it more casual for your outings.

5. Change Your HandBag

Many of you don’t realize that a handbag can make a huge difference. You can carry a regular office bag to your workplace, but while leaving for the event bring out your most prized possession.

Get handbags that are authentic, and classy and add a style to your personality. You should ditch the basic colours and go for something offbeat. These bags will grab all the attention.

You can wear contrasting shoes, sandals, earrings or any small detailing to make it relatable.

6. Add Bold Jewellery

While in the mood for a hotshot all-night party, go for jewellery that talks about your taste. Wear bold chunky jewellery with abstract designs. The traditional ones are a big no-no, even if you have the best collection of them.

Keep it funky and artsy. Traditional jewellery looks beautiful and relatable on dinner dates, official events or family gatherings. When heading out, friends, the modern touch to your jewellery will look nicer.

7. Refresh Your Makeup

Now as you are all set with your choice of attire, jewellery, accessories and shoes, it’s time to freshen up your makeup. Not everybody wears a thick layer of makeup to the office. It all depends on one’s choice.

You must keep it nude during office hours with a tint of lip colour. But while heading out freshen up your makeup. Make it more engaging. Play with your eyes. Make them speak and look bold.

Do not overdo it by adding excessive layers. If you come to the office with heavy makeup then a little touch up will be all you need.

8. Let Your Hair Down

You have kept your hair tied all day long. Your head muscles need to relax. Flaunt your tresses by letting your hair down. Your beautiful hair will transform you positively. The flowing waves will add a smirk and sexiness to your appearance.

Tied up hair looks more professional. You can use coloured extensions if you don’t want to damage your original hair. These extensions also give you the option to coordinate colour according to your dress every time.

There’s no harm in using glitter hairspray if you are planning to go to clubs or pubs for partying. Try these ideas and thank us later.

9. Think Outside The Box

Fashion is not what you see people doing every day. It’s more about doing something unexpected or out of the box that looks applaudable.

You must explore the internet for patterns and prints that are in trend. Try to mix and match things available. Do the layering right. Choose accessories that speak for your choices and true taste. Spice up your casuals with formals.

Whether it be your clothes or accessories, you must learn how to balance both for an easier yet gorgeous transformation.

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