Most companies use promotional products for marketing their brands and creating awareness. Some standard promotional products include t-shirts, caps, rubber keyrings, and backpacks. Rubber keyrings are the cheapest and most cost-effective of all the products we have mentioned.

Choosing the right promotional product for your brand will depend on various factors. The first thing is your budget. If you’re operating on a tight budget, we recommend using rubber keyrings or nametags as they are cheaper to mass manufacture. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider custom-made rubber keyrings.

Cheap and Cost Effective

Rubber keyrings are made from high-quality PVC that is soft but durable. The other thing about rubber is that you can engrave different designs. Compared to other promotional products, mass-producing rubber keyrings is very cheap.

You also get to involve your employees and clients in creating unique designs. With rubber, you get to involve your team in the design process, making them feel more associated with your brand.


Longevity is one thing that most people consider when purchasing products. Rubber keyrings are more durable than keyrings made from plastic. They are not rigid, meaning that they feel comfortable in your pocket. You also don’t have to worry about it scratching your phone.

Most people, especially those who collect antiques, prefer a rubber keyring from Rocket Badge over other types. They do not rust like metallic keyrings.

There are plenty of branding companies that design and produce promotional products. If you’re planning to use rubber keyrings to promote your brand, you need to factor in a couple of things.

In-House Designers

The first thing you need to do is come up with designs. Make sure the product features your company’s logo and colors. You can also get designers from the internet. Some of the best designs you should consider are cartoon and superhero caricatures.

As mentioned above, you can bring in your team and clients to help brainstorm some designs that match your brand’s look and feel. Most companies that produce promotional products have a couple of in-house designers. They will help you improve your design for free.

Ask for Prototypes

Check if the company offers samples before mass producing the final product. An advantage of getting samples is reviewing them and seeing if they are sound before giving the go-ahead. It would be best if you involved your QA team in reviewing the samples to ensure that you get high-quality rubber keyrings.

Last, review the contract terms before signing the deal. You must ensure that the products arrive ahead of time, especially if you plan to use them during an upcoming event.

Wrapping Up

Marketing your brand can be expensive if you use mainstream media such as TV and magazines. However, you can use promotional products such as rubber keyrings for advertising your brand at a cheaper cost.

An excellent promotional product must be durable and feature your brand’s logo and colors. The other thing you should consider is the gift should be something your clients love. You can also use rubber name badges to promote your brand.

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