As per observation, it is found that an individual can adjust in an ordinary house, but they look forward to better conditions and luxurious bathrooms.

Are you also a person who looks for something extra in the bathroom? If yes, then what do you look for? Oh, there might be a variety of things. But does your list consist of a shower standing handle? Whether your answer is yes or no, it would hardly matter because if it’s a yes, then this write-up will let you know more about the item and if it’s a no, then you will be able to understand how much it matters.

Bathrooms are not just a place for bathing, instead, it allows you to take a break from your hectic schedule and relax. While the walls of the room have ears, people use their bathrooms for soliloquies, bad singing, and practicing other pampering techniques.

Now you might be thinking, why are we discussing bathrooms and not the shower standing handle? So, this is because the shower standing handle is an essential item in the bathroom. Let’s move forward with this write-up without discussing anything and make it more appropriate as per the title.

About the shower standing handle

The shower standing handle is also known as a grab bar; it is used in bathrooms and is a device that secures you while entering and exiting the shower. The shower standing handle comes in such a form that one can easily hold it, and it is also attached or screwed into the wall of your bathroom to make your bathing experience more convenient.

Usually, you can find grab bars, showers, and bathtubs, but for added stability, people prefer the models installed near the toilet or sink. Earlier, it was thought that these kinds of bars were only helpful for the elder ones, but these days you might find several in the bathroom installed with grab bars.

Types of shower standing handle

shower standing handle

Are you looking for a shower handle to be installed in your bathroom? If yes, then there are two different types of shower standing takes that you can get established. The two types of shower standing handles are fixed and removable. Now let us know about these two types of handles in brief.


Fixed shower standing handle is attached in your bathroom for permanent by adhesive or screw. These handles are made from stainless steel or any other kind of sturdy material, making the individual feel safer and more secure.

If you are looking for fixed bar gear, you must be very smart and careful before installing them. Now you might be thinking, why.

So this is because these are fixed one time which you will use for years, and that’s why you need to choose the perfect place for installing these gears; the height where you will be placing the handles should be perfect, as well as you need to be very particular about the section in which you will be drilling holes, and much other such stuff.


In the 21st century, what’s not possible? Almost everything is, so, you might also find a variety of removable shower standing handles.

This kind of shower standing handle is stuck to the walls of your bathroom via suction. Such gear bars are made from plastic and can be attached to non-porous flat surfaces like acrylic, glass, or tile. They might be less effective if you connect them to some grout lines or rough surfaces.

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Removable shower standing handles are pretty portable if you compare them with fixed ones. The best thing about them is that you can easily carry them while traveling or moving into a new house. The quality of being easily removable doesn’t let you drill holes in your bathroom, and you can easily take them off after your usage.

But the negative point about having these kinds of standing handles in your bathroom are that they aren’t as durable and sturdy as the fixed shower standing handles are. So, one must be careful if using it to support the entire body.

Buying guide for a shower standing handle

If you buy a shower standing handle, here are a few things you should consider before purchasing it.

Weight-bearing capacity

What is the use of a shower standing handle? To give you support. So, when you buy a gear bar, it is essential to know how much weight it can bear.

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Usually, the handles can carry up to 150 to 300 pounds, depending upon several other factors. But it is always better to choose something that can bear maximum weight to take the support without any tension. Some handles have a weight-bearing capacity of approximately 400 pounds, so opting for such an option would be much better.


The material of the shower standing handle plays an essential role. Now you might be thinking, why is it so right? This is because a shower handle is something you use for support, and if the material isn’t good, it may break and cause accidents, so one needs to be very particular about it.

The most common material for shower standing handles is stainless steel, plastic, and vinyl. But people usually choose to have bar gears of steel as they are a much better option than others.

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Many things have developed with the change in time, so you might also find handles with an antimicrobial coating; these handles are easier to keep clean. You can also prefer having handles with soft grip material or gel padding, as they won’t dig into your skin.

Consider the installation method

While you visit the market, you might find various shower standing handles with different installation methods like a screw, suction cup, adhesive, and wall mount.

Out of all, the cheapest installation method are suction cups, and they are an excellent temporary option. If you are looking for effective ways to use bathrooms or showers, then adhesives would be an option. Wall mount and screw-in are ideal options for permanent installations. 


Is size also an essential factor that you should consider while buying a shower standing handle?

Size plays a vital role as per your bathroom size and your requirement. If you have a smaller bathroom, look for something that is relatively more suitable for your bathroom and not the ones that look good. Because you might buy a big gear bar and face various issues as it might obstruct opening the entire door, it might look too much in that area, or maybe anything else.

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So, be very clear with the handle size before purchasing it. For a better and more successful shopping of shower handles, you can measure the size of the area where you want to install the gear bar, and accordingly, you can shop.


In today’s era, everything is about looks. Nowadays, you might find a variety of styles in standing shower handles. Some are curvy; straight; have a sleek look, whereas few are thicker, so you must choose the best one for your bathroom. 

Why choose standing/ vertical shower handles and not horizontal ones?

As per the South Canterbury District Health Board, the vertical handrail is a better option for getting in and out of your bathroom and for other safety reasons. According to them, the height of your handle should be near your elbows when you stand. 

Benefits of installing a shower standing handle

The shower standing handle is beneficial in various cases. So this part of the write-up lets us know about the significant benefits of gear bars.

  • It is beneficial for old aged people.
  • Helpful for those ones suffering from arthritis.
  • Gives support to individuals who have been injured.
  • Gives support to those going through a recovery period from surgery.
  • Offers safety to the ones who might need any physical support.
  • Makes you independent, as you won’t need the support of other people in the bathroom.

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Do you have a shower standing handle? If not, get it installed today as per your needs and requirements because you never know when it can be of great use in your bathroom. Before buying, remember to check the material, weight-bearing capacity, size style, and installation method. Because these factors are essential in a shower, choose the best one for your bathroom.