Data science consulting firms can help businesses make sense of the enormous volume, rapidity, and diversity of data available.

Data warehousing (the act of storing data) and data analysis (the statistical analysis of data) are the two regular tasks in the big data consulting sector. Data governance (maintaining the integrity and security of data) and data science (obtaining actionable insights, sometimes by using machine learning)

“Big data” is a term used to describe data sets that are so large and intricate that they cannot be handled by conventional data processing software.

Managing such a large amount of data presents difficulties for data collection, storage, analysis, transmission, and sharing, in addition to other challenges. The 3V model, which stands for “high volume,” “high velocity,” and “high variety,” describes big data.

Here are the 15 best big data consulting services companies that help new startup businesses make more intelligent decisions through data-based decision-making.

1. iTechArt

iTechArt has been the go-to partner for innovative startups and rapidly expanding companies since 2002, with fully dedicated engineering teams and specialized organization software solutions. The organization, which has its headquarters in New York, has more than 200 active clients globally, 90% of whom are engaged in cutting-edge ventures in growing industries and technology.

2. HP Bigdata services

HP Big Data Services support the redesign of IT infrastructure to enable the conversion of massive amounts of data into insightful knowledge. Planning, deployment, security, and regulation are all aspects of big data solutions.

3. VITech

VITech is a company that focuses on software engineering and outsourcing software development. They are fully committed to developing innovative methods and tools that will significantly improve people’s quality of life. Their workforce is eager and motivated to use its depth of knowledge and expertise to aid individuals everywhere.VITech is the best option for your startup if you genuinely want to improve people’s lives and assist them.

They have a committed group of developers who can work quickly and effectively using top-notch methods on your software project. InsightThey constantly considers the direction the industry will take while developing cutting-edge technical answers to businesses’ most significant problems.

4. IBM Analytics Consulting

IBM BigData analysis makes it possible to assess the business’ operations and determine the areas where analytics may be most valuable.

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These experts and consultants can evaluate the business operations and identify the areas where analytics may be most valuable. All users, including business analysts, data scientists, etc., have access to this data from different sources. The IBM products DB2, Informix, and InfoSphere are well-known database solutions that support big data analytics.

5. BlastX

With a strategy called “digital experience optimization,” BlastX assists firms in making a positive first impression on customers. BlastX collects data regarding each client’s customers to build detailed customer profiles. Then, using this data, they can choose what kinds of material to publish, which channels to use, and when to reach out to target audiences.

6. Experfy

Experfy, a freelance marketplace, offers clients the opportunity to speak with independent data specialists without having to go through the usual consultation process. The business focuses on mid-sized companies, which might not be the best candidates given the expense and protracted contractual nature of a typical firm.

7. Right data

The Right Data is a data-driven product startup. Our self-service tools simplify difficult data tasks like data intake, unification, organization, cleaning, and loading your data into target data platforms. They give you the tools you need to analyze your data using reporting, analytics, advanced analytics, and machine learning models.

8. Innowise group

Innowise Group is a data software development company that helps businesses take advantage of the power of big data. With more than ten years of combined experience, the team has built a solid reputation for developing practical solutions that improve organizational effectiveness and foster business expansion.

9. Hitachi big data consulting services

Big data is gathered, handled, and analyzed by Hitachi Big Data Consulting Services using information infrastructure. They also manage and handle enormous amounts of diverse data by utilizing their extensive industry experience. They approach big data thoroughly and apply it to improve analytics across all of Hitachi’s businesses.

10. Microsoft

Microsoft’s big data strategy is extensive and expanding quickly. This plan includes a collaboration with the big data firm Hortonworks. The HDInsight tool can now analyze both structured and unstructured data for Hortonworks data platform (HDP) users thanks to this collaboration.

Revolution Analytics, a big data analytics platform built in the “R” programming language, is one of Microsoft’s most recent acquisitions. Without data scientist expertise, big data applications can be created using this programming language.

11. CapTech

Big data consulting services from CapTech include data architecture, science, engineering, visualization, and governance. Brand identification and natural language processing are two examples of additional services.

Dominion Energy, a power utility, is one of CapTech’s notable clients. CapTech was hired by Dominion Energy to help manage and make sense of the massive amounts of data coming from its smart meters.

12. Salom

The company is involved in a variety of projects, such as developing an app to aid in the eradication of poisonous and hazardous plants and analyzing medical data to fight breast cancer using machine learning. However, data is the foundation of everything we do at Slalom. Cloud and data architecture, visualization, product engineering, and artificial intelligence are some of the data analysis tools used by Slalom consultants.

13. Bostan consulting group

Using artificial intelligence, Boston Consulting Group’s GAMMA uses data science to analyze data. By utilizing AI, it can assist clients in streamlining their software, systems, and infrastructure. Clients of Boston Consulting Group have access to the most modern techniques for data organization and insight extraction via a data and digital platform.

14. VMware

While VMware has a solid reputation for its virtualization and cloud technologies, it is also becoming a significant player in the big data market. Big Data virtualization streamlines processes, is incredibly economical and makes it easier to manage the Big Data infrastructure.

VMware Big Data is simple to use, flexible, inexpensive, quick, and safe. They use VMware vSphere Big Data Extension as their solution, which enables them to create, manage, and monitor Hadoop deployments.

15. Analutics8

Analytics8 helps companies translate data into meaningful, actionable information. Across life sciences and financial services, the company provides analytics strategy and implementation services to its clients. An Analytics8 Qlik Sense data model and dashboard helped AB InBev reduce the time it took to report on logistics from hours or days to minutes.

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