The introduction of 0330 numbers is done from March 2007. These numbers are also called National or 03 numbers. It is a kind of non-geographic phone number in the UK. Do you know who introduced the 0330 number? Ofcom introduced it and made it an alternative to 08 numbers.

What are 0330 numbers?

You might have come across the UK’s non-geographic phone number, 0330. Now you might be thinking, what is non-geographic, right? So, non-geographic numbers will not be linked with any particular city or region. Instead, they are widely used by businesses. 0330 numbers are becoming more popular from 0800 numbers. Because they are cost-effective. 

These numbers are of great use to businesses and organisations. Especially to those who want to create a national presence at an affordable cost. These 03 numbers are also viewed to be ‘local call equivalent’. This indicates that the charge is the same as the local ones.

What type of companies or organisations use 0330 numbers?

Various organisations and companies widely use 03 numbers from more minor scales to larger ones. To cut down the costs, large-scale firms make use of 03 numbers.

You might also find companies with 0800 phone numbers which are freephone numbers. But do you know that it is only free for the customers and not users? The company needs to pay a good amount of money in return for your calls.

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People usually ask that 0330 numbers are free; it’s not, but it is also not very expensive as this might cost similar to the local calls. At times the customer has to pay a little extra to make a call to the company. Hence, the 0330 number ensures pocket friendliness.  

Several organisations and companies are using the 0330 phone numbers. They make your call cost even cheaper than calling anyone else. So, what better could an organisation do for its customers, right?

Is an 0330 number free to call?

As discussed, the 03 numbers are not free but a cheaper option for all organisations and companies. Usually, calling from a PAYG plan phone/sim might cost around 30p per minute. The exact amount is the cost when you place a call to 02 or 01 numbers. 

People get confused, so they ask, ‘are 0330 numbers free on EE‘? You must remember that the EE plan includes your 0330 calls. 

How much does it cost to call a 0330 number?

The cost of calling a 0330 number is similar to calling 01 or 02 numbers. This is the primary advantage of issuing a 0330 number.  All organisations, have been waiting for a long time while it is very cost-effective.

If a company has a 03 number, it becomes quite convenient for them.  Because then neither company nor the customer doesn’t have to pay a lot from their end.

If the customer has an EE pack, they will benefit more. As the plan includes call to 0330 number. Hence, when you call on any such number, it comes out in the customers’ inclusive minutes.

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Some examples of call cost to 03 numbers are 12p/m if the provider is Virgin Media, 13.5p/m if the provider is TalkTalk, and 9.5p/m if the provider is Sky. So, these are the approximate costs of different providers while making a call to 0330.

Can I call a 0330 number from outside the UK?

Yes, you can call the 03 number outside the UK but this depends on the provider. Not only 0330 number but you can also make a call to 08 numbers depending on your provider.

If you are calling from outside the UK to 0330. Then you need to drop a 0 from the beginning of 0330 and place +44 instead of it. So, it becomes +44330, where you need to place the call to connect.

Being an outsider and having a different provider. You need to check the call cost before placing a call to 03 or 08 numbers.

How to buy a 0330 number?

You can buy a 0330 number online, and you might find several plans. So, check out all the plans before choosing, as you enjoy several features.

These include real-time reporting, Call recording, iPhone/Android app, disaster recovery, Fax to mail, Pre-Connection Greeting, Route to Landline & Mobile, Unlimited Call Queue, Conference calling, Call routing, and multi-level IVR. It also depends on the kind of plan you choose.

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Make sure that wherever you buy, a 0330 number caters to services to businesses and organisations, whether small or large. Search about the company, check its features and reviews only then decide.

Top UK providers for 0330 numbers

The list of the companies providing 0330 numbers is very long as since 2007 the 03 numbers have been very much in demand. 0330 numbers cost has propelled the growth. 

The top providers are YAY, Number supermarket, VoIPtalk, and many others. So, choose the best company for buying your 03 numbers considering the reviews, features, and plans provided.

What are the benefits of 0330 numbers?

The 0330 numbers have been very beneficial for organisations, companies as well as customers too. Some of the benefits of these numbers are that they can attract more customers and clients around the UK. They will provide a broader reach, and are cost-effective.

In addition, it offers modern convenience, establishes a national presence of your business, protects from geographic issues in the phone network, and much more.


0330 numbers are available for all kinds of companies and organisations in the UK. Anyone working on any scale can prefer to buy a 03 number and enjoy its several benefits with their clients.