Throughout this article, we analyze the PrevNext add-on mod, which has generated a lot of discussion within the community.

The following blog post will cover many topics, from an introduction to how you play the game. Here is a great place to find an informative blog on PrevNext if you are looking for one. Let us move on to further steps without wasting time anymore. 

From where does prevNext come?

The MODX add-on will be useful to you if you develop web applications. We post several posts on websites to keep people updated on recent advances in products, processes, or services.

How will you let users navigate between different posts on your website if you have more than one? Two options are available: Include a list of previous posts in the sidebar and include links to previous ones below the current post.

It might be that this will solve your problem and get the exact idea you are looking for. 

If you have trouble paginating your posts, you might be interested in another simple solution. You can provide two links directly below your current post, namely the previous and next posts. These links will serve as a navigation tool allowing users to switch between previous and next pages.

How Does prevNext Work?

It makes it simple for the developer to integrate within the code and can be used for almost anything related to the navigation of posts. Assume we need to create a website for selling items to describe it in more detail. The site will likely have many pages, posts, articles, and services, too, at all times.

We can provide links to the subpages within the main page to integrate all of these parts into the website. Another option is to segregate the content into different categories and have a separate page that users can access solely if they click on the menu and find the appropriate option.

Nevertheless, this way would require a lot of coding, and I believe it would be prone to many bugs since the code would have to be copied everywhere. 

As an alternative, the developer could use this add-on, prevNext. The next step would solve all the hassle in quite an efficient manner and with little effort. On YouTube, for example, there is no prev-next navigation. A user searches and scrolls endlessly until they find a video they want to watch.

The user must click the back button on their device to load a different page if they wish to move back to the previous video. Since YouTube is such a big website with such a large user base, this could work. Other websites, including Amazon and the Amazon Shopping App, also make good use of the prevNext feature.

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What is the URL for the prevNext add-on?

By visiting the MODX website, you can download the prevNext add-on. If you do not feel like downloading the add-on, you can click here to get to the page. To download the add-on, just paste this link into Google and get it. 


What is the significance of prevNext?

When you are content to code an entire script just for navigation, prevNext is not a necessary thing to use. Although many huge sites offer open-source code repositories where you can find similar code to help structure the call, few offer an open-source code repository. Many times, these codes and calls are just variations on the prevNext but not as an add-on. 

Using prevNext while developing removes most of the hassle of organizing, and it is a more efficient way of constructing websites.

While it is true that everything comes down to psychology, we consider a great many things when it comes to user experience. 

You may notice that your website starts to look highly cluttered when you show a lot of links on the page. People do not appreciate being forced to navigate through clunky websites.

Customers who purchase products should have the flexibility to reach their options systematically when they choose their options.

Choosing their choices should be easy and quick. The last option they got in the webpage should be available to users to get further away or even back.

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Getting more sales via this strategy is one of the ways to increase your sales. Considering the end-user experience of an online service is essential to improving the customer experience.

How can I apply prevNext to my code? Download the developer version of prevNext.

Integrating the module into your code is straightforward when you use prevNext. For anyone to download or install prevNext mod, you must be running MODX2.2 or higher. You will need to follow these steps. 

  • The prevNext add-on is available by clicking the link in the following paragraph. 
  • It will show a zip folder which you should unzip.
  • Make sure the prevNext module is enabled as well.
  • Should you have content types defined, you can configure them by navigating to “admin/config/user-interface/prev next” for the links. 
  • When you have selected the nodes, clicking the ‘Manage Display’ button allows you to add ‘extra fields’ with the ‘TPL.’
  • Learn more about this topic by going to this link.

Is there a free trial of prevNext? 

Since MODX developed the mod as an open-source mod to provide developers with a smooth navigation process in the code, MODX developed Goldsky to create the mod. The prev Next license is licensed as GPLv3, which indicates that the general public can also seamlessly integrate it into their Work. 

Release and license information for PrevNext

Community members maintain prevNext, a program developed by Goldsky. In the past year, PrevNext has released both an inaugural version and an upgraded version of 1.0.1.

Initially released in August 2014, this version has since been upgraded. Add-ons have been licensed under the GPL v3. MODX requires a minimal database requirement of 2.2 and supports MySQL as a database.


Adding PrevNext to your website can be a helpful add-on that can increase views and bring order to it. You might be able to focus your traffic on specific products or posts if you do this.

You can quickly identify which pages of a book your audience is finding interesting by looking at the content of the chapters.

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