There are currently different digital venues in the Metaverse, and users must focus on Hyperfund login. However, this is in the context of a niche group that utilizes the Hyperfund platform. 

It is important to know what that is and how that works, especially for those who are still new at it. In this post, we shall discuss the details related to the Hyperfund login or its association with the Hyperverse. Read ahead to know what it is, its uses, and the steps for using it. 

Hyperverse- An Introductory Overview 

Hyperverse is a type of virtual landscape that was previously called Hyperfund. The players in this metaverse world are called voyagers, who can develop different types of items. Later, the “voyagers” can use these products for transactions on other planets within the Metaverse. 

In the Hyperverse section, there are millions of different existing plants, all of which follow specific sets of rules and principles. For example, those that live within the metaverse Galaxy will all enjoy the same benefits and opportunities. 


Here, the voyagers can go around the Galaxy looking for different items and selling their products. After that, they can acquire Hyperfund using the fund they got from selling said products. 

There were doubts regarding the Hyperfund login and usage process previously, with some suspecting the platform’s validity. Thus, the company leaders, Arsen Avdalyan and Roman Mikailov, who launched it in January 2016, and other heads, renamed Hyperfund Hyperverse. Currently, the headquarters for the company is available in Austin, Texas.

Requirements for Hyperfund Login 

Before you handle the Hyperfund login app download and usage steps, it is important to understand the prerequisites. After that, you can complete a successful login process into the Hyperfund account (or the newly coined Hyperverse account. However, to avoid confusion, we shall refer to Hyperverse login as Hyperfund login. But, essentially, both are the same- keep that in mind)

You can access this account across any device or system and browse through the different galaxies. The preset requirements are: 

  • It is important to use the official website URL to enter the Hyperverse. 
  • Use a strong internet connection. 
  • It would be best to have a useful gadget that can connect to the internet, like a smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet.  
  • The correct username, password, and active username of the Hyperfund account. 

Ultimately, if you possess all the prerequisites, you can continue with the Hyperfund login process. 

Step-by-step Guide to Log into the Hyperverse Account 

For the whole Hyperfund login process, users must follow these steps next. 

Step 1: First, you must visit Hyperverse or Hyperfund’s official website. Access the login page on the site. 

Step 2: In the text fields on the login page, you should type in your Hyperfund username and password. If you are unsure that you typed the right characters for your password, click the eye icon beside the password section to view it. 

Step 3: Click the tick mark for the service and privacy policy agreement and then press the Login button. That will take you to your account dashboard. 

Resetting the Hyperfund Login Username- What to Do If the Password is Lost?

It is possible for users to sometimes lose their Hyperfund login details, like the password. Therefore, this will make the process of logging into the account a hassle. If that is the case for you, you can reset your password and username with specific steps. 

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Step 1: Go to the official Hyperverse website by typing into your preferred web browser. Open the login page

Step 2: Below the password field, you will see the “Forgot Password” button. Click on. 

Step 3: Next, type in your email and username address here that you used for the registration. 

Step 4: Tap on the “Get Verification Code” option. In your email address, you will automatically get an email for password changing, detailing the instructions with the code. 

Step 5: Follow the given steps, alter your password characters, and verify them. Then, log in using the new password. 

Customer Support for Hyperfund Login 

It is possible for the users to have some issues throughout the usage process and even during the login steps. Moreover, currently, you can take the help of the customer support available on the platform through the contact page under the official site.

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Here are two of the main URLs to follow for entering the Hyperverse:

  • Login Page for the portal:
  • The official website URL:

Through the contacts page, users can contact customer support on Hyperverse for any queries that they may have. 

If you prefer phone-based support, you can contact them through the available toll-free number: 512-934-4283


Overall, logging into the Hyperverse or Hyperfund account is not as complex as many assure. You should see if you have all of the details, like the username and password for the account and the right gadgets. Also, check that your internet connection is stable and strong. 

Then, you can follow the steps for logging into the account through the official website. If you forget or lose the password, you can easily change it. 


What is Hyperverse, and how is it related to Hyperfund?

Hyperverse is the current name of Hyperfund- they are essentially the same solution. The Hyperfund involves a full ecosystem within the Metaverse, where players can sell their products and get funding.

Who owns Hyperfund and Hyperverse?

Ryan Xu was the creator and owner of Hyperfund. Consequently, after the rebranding, the new owner of the Hyperverse section is Roman Mikailov.

Is the Hyperfund service registered?

There are some areas where Hyperfund or Hyperverse are not authorized, like New Zealand. Yet, it does not have any authorization approval in various parts of the country. 

What to do if I did not get the verification code-centric email from the Hyperverse platform?

Firstly, you must register your Hyperfund/Hyperverse account and services using your Gmail address. If you have registered and set your Gmail account as the main email provider choice for Hyperverse, check the Spam folder for the message if it does appear in the main inbox. 

So, use other devices to access this section with your account if that does not work. Not to mention, in extreme cases where no solution works, you can send a request for tech support to