Einthusan 2023 is the most popular website to watch Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu movies online for free, or you can download them for free.

The Einthusan website provides movies in different languages such as Hindi, English, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Chinese. The user can stream the movie online or download it for free. Apart from that, the Einthusan website provides HD-quality print for its users.

The Einthusan website has regional, national and international content on its site for its users. It is the most reliable source of entertainment to watch Indian movies online for free.

Many piracy websites are available on the internet, but the Einthusan site is different from others. Because it has more than 4000+ legal content on its platform and works hard to entertain users, today, we will know everything about the Einthusan website that will help the users access it and enjoy their favorite movies or shows anytime. So let’s begin the journey.

What is Einthusan Website?

Einthusan website is an illegal website from where users can get as many movies for free and anytime and from anywhere. To access the website, the users have to use VPNs or proxy servers and create an account.

The Einthusan website is also banned from many countries like India, and it is a strictly punishable act for any Indian. They get punished by fine or enter jail if the government finds out about accessing such a website. Still, many users are accessing it to enjoy their favorite movies from the internet.

The Einthusan website has different sections: Hindi movies, Tamil movies, Kannada movies, Marathi movies, Bengali movies, and Hollywood movies.

The Hindi movie section is very popular on the Einthusan website the second position Tamil movie section comes and after that Hollywood movie section. Users watch Hindi movies online for free on the Einthusan tv website. On this website, users can also enjoy web series and TV shows of old times, which are not available on legal streaming websites.

It is available in Hindi language and other languages such as Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, and Marathi. So don’t worry, find your favorite shows and enjoy them anytime from anywhere.

The movies are completely free on the Einthusan website, but it is mandatory to create an account and use it. The free version has lots of ads, and it creates disturbance while watching the movie, so to avoid the ads, the user has to purchase the premium version and enjoy the movie ads for free.

On the Einthusan website, the user can stream online or download any movies for free in HD quality. It also leaked many Bollywood movies on the day of their release date, due to which the Einthusan website owner has to face many legalities in court. Still, the website is working, and it is transferring the URL from one domain to another.

How Can Users Access Einthusan website?

Many users get confused with the Einthusan website name with the names enthusan, enthusiasm, eithusan, einthusian on the search box. A few years ago, the site was available on einthusan.com, einthusan.tv, But now the user has registered an account on einthusan.ca, and then they can download the content anytime.

It is very similar to the TamilRockers website, where you can find the latest movies on the day of their release date. Some movies provide users on the same date, such as Shubh Mangal saavdhan, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Geetha Govindam, Simbaa, Jersey Dreamgirl, mission mangal, dil dhadakne do, chichhore full movie on einthusan.

Users have to use a proxy or VPN to access this website, and it is much better to use the private window to access the website. It will hide the actual address and delete the browser’s history, which leads to avoiding malware on their device. Einthusan tv is a very popular website on the internet with HD quality content for free. Yes, the premium version is available for those who want to skip ads from the website and enjoy it. These are subsections on the Einthusan website.

  • Einthusan Hindi movies
  • Einthusan Tamil movies
  • Einthusan Telugu Movies
  • Einthusan Malayalam Movies
  • Einthusan Kannada Movies
  • Einthusan Bengali Movies
  • Einthusan Marathi Movies
  • Einthusan Punjabi Movies
  • Einthusan Chinese Movies

Most people misspell the website name as enthusan or enthusiasm or einthusian, but to reach the website, it is necessary to write the correct name on the search box Einthusan. It offers 4000+ license content on its website in 9 different languages. It is the best place to watch movies online without downloading them.

Einthusan’s website is also accessible from iOS and Android devices, and apart from a movie, they also offer gaming consoles, so gamers can also enjoy. Shortly they can also launch TV support to connect it to TV and enjoy it.

Einthusan is Legal?

No, it is not legal; Einthusan is in the category of a pirated website, and to access such website, the users have to use a VPN and proxies. Apart from that, Einthusan is also fighting many legalities, and it is banned in many countries like India. So it is a completely illegal website, and to access such a website, there are many risks.

It is very popular, and millions of users are using it daily, so catching all kinds of people is hard for the government, but still, it is prohibited and hard to access. Yes, it has some legal content on the website, but that will not make it legal.

Apart from that, the government shut down the Einthusan website many times from the internet, and the owners had to transfer the URL to different domains every time. We can say that it is in the grey area of legalities, so accessing such a website is a bit hard compared to others.

Features of Einthusan Website

  • The Einthusan website has lots of features, and it is a very recommended site by users.
  • The millions of traffic are proof of the popularity of the website.
  • The design of the website is user-friendly and easy to access and find content.
  • It provides movies in different qualities such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc.
  • Einthusan movies offer all Indian major languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, etc.
  • Users can access it for free movies and go with the premium version to avoid ads while streaming the movies.
  • It is also popular to download songs’ audio and video versions.
  • It also provides game console features so the user can download their favorite games and enjoy them.
  • Apart from movies, users can also enjoy anime series, web series, cartoon shows, tv shows, etc.
  • Users get two options on this website of streaming online and downloading the content for free.
  • The premium version is very cheaper, and anyone can easily afford it.

Latest Updates of Einthusan Website

The Einthusan website is popular, but there are some rumors on the internet that are necessary to clear. Many people are asking for the Einthusan app, but the Einthusan website owner launches no app.

The app is not available on the Einthusan website, Google Play, or Apple Store, and the website owner makes no announcements.

So if anyone is recommending the Einthusan app, then don’t follow it and do not open the link, as it will cause damage to your device.

Apart from that, the Einthusan website also does not offer any downloader, so if you find it somewhere then it will be fake or spammy.

There is good news for Einthusan website users; now, they can enjoy it on the Kodi addon. Yes, it is official, and you can try it by yourself by using the Kodi addon and accessing the Einthusan website to download the movies, series, tv shows, cartoons, or anime series for free.

Best Legal Einthusan Alternative Websites

The Einthusan website is the best to download movies for free, but today we are going to know about some legal Einthusan alternative websites that will be free or have less subscription prices. So enjoy the journey.

1. Amazon

We all know that Amazon is a very popular OTT platform after Netflix, and it contains lots of content on its platform. Yes, it has regional boundaries, and it is the best platform to watch movies, web series, and cartoons in different languages such as Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali language.

The subscription price is also very less, and the user can also go with a trial period of 30 days. Yes, the users have to wait for upcoming movies, and it will take time, but it is legal, and it can be easily accessed from any device.

The user can directly access the website or go with the Prime Video app on the device. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It also provides a parental control feature that helps parents to restrict the content for their kids. To access it now.

2. HotStar

It is another popular app in India, having popular TV shows on its platform. On this platform, users can easily enjoy documentaries, movies, old TV shows, web series, and lots of content in different languages. The user can also enjoy live streaming of sports and catch the latest update of upcoming matches on this platform.

Hotstar has three different stages; the user can use it for free and enjoy their favorite tv shows the day after the release. The paid subscription has two stages. First is a Premium subscription where the user can access all kinds of documentaries, web series, and other content but still restricted to Hollywood’s most popular movies like Marvel.

We all know that HotStar combined with Disney and provides their content too. So here, to enjoy Disney+Hotstar content, the user has to purchase the VIP section, and it can be for a month, three months, or a year; the choice is yours. So enjoy it.

3. Voot

Yes, it is also another free OTT platform and the best Einthusan alternative website where the user can enjoy the latest web series and tv shows for free. Yes, it also has a subscription offer for the user to get an extra advantage and have parental control to restrict the adult content on the platform.

4. SonyLiv

Yes, this is another amazing platform to watch content in different languages and enjoy live sports streaming anytime from anywhere. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The subscription price is very minimal so anyone can afford it, and there is no vulgar content available on this platform. The platform is very clean and family-oriented, so there is no need for any parental control feature.

Best Illegal Einthusan Alternative Websites

These illegal Einthusan Alternative websites are top Sites For Streaming Free Movies or downloading them on your device. Any user can access it but be careful because illegal sites have many dangers. If any user falls into it, they can lose money or access to their device, so check out the Einthusan Alternative sites and use them carefully.

1. BoxTv

BoxTv is another Einthusan Alternative website that can be used to download free content on their device anytime. Yes, it is also popular on the internet and safe to use. Suppose any user wants to enjoy their favorite movie on TV, so now they can do it with the help of a setup box.

Yes, the website offers a subscription setup box to connect it to your tv and enjoy it anytime. It offers a list of channels that you can use to watch in your language. Apart from this, you can also connect your BoxTv with these devices Amazon Fire TV, Android boxes, laptops, MAG boxes, Smart TV, Smartphones, Zgemma, Tablets, and so on.

2. Todaypk

It is another best Einthusan Alternative websites that can be used to watch or download movies for free. The design is user-friendly, and any content can easily search using the search box or category section. The user can also download it on various video quality, and it is mainly popular for Tamil movies.

3. YuppTV

This website provides Marathi movies, serials, web series, and so on their platform. Yes, the dubbed version is also available in different languages, mainly in the Hindi language. The user can also request their favorite tv show or movies on this website and get the content in a few days. We can say it is just like Telegram, where you have to ask about your favorite movie and enjoy it.

4. YoMovies

It is very similar to 123Movies and provides movies, web series, or tv shows in the Hindi language. The dubbed movies can also be easily downloadable from YoMovies, and the website is completely free and most viewed and IMDB rating.

5. ThePirateBay

Yes, it is the oldest torrent website that is still popular, and it has been working for more than a decade and is still popular. You can see millions of users on this website and get the link to other torrent websites and download movies and series anytime and anywhere.


We know that the Einthusan website is illegal and very dangerous to use, and we don’t support pirated websites in any manner and are not recommended to our readers. All the above information is given on the readers’ requirement, and we provide details to our readers and still recommend the other alternatives which are safe for our readers.