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Guidelines for Guest Posting TimeForKnowledge

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What articles are possible?

Articles that relate to these categories can be written

  • Business, Marketing, Insurance and Finance
  • Tech, Gadgets, How To, Android Internet Software, Hosting, Cybersecurity
  • SEO, Digital Marketing. PPC, SMM. Content Marketing. Ecommerce.
  • Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, and Home Improvement
  • Entertainment, Gaming, Sport, Movie

Guidelines for guest posts submissions:

  • Your articles must be unique and not plagiarized.
  • It should contain between 1000 and 2000 words.
  • Longtail keywords are highly preferred.
  • The article must comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Please ensure that the post title is informative and not more than 60 characters
  • The articles must be legible and divided into sections using subheadings. (H2, H3, H4)
  • Featured Images should be original, high quality, and with the correct resolution 2560px*1280px
  • One Do-Follow Link Allow only in the article body

How to submit your article:

Time For Knowledge would be delighted if you contributed content. Feel free to send us an email info.timeforknowledge@gmail.com. We welcome your questions regarding guest posting at Time For Knowledge. Please contact us via the Contact Us Form or info.timeforknowledge(@)gmail.com