Gong Ji-Chul is a common name among most Korean movie and film lovers. He is one of the most trending and popular South Korean actors due to his impressive career.

Most Korean movie enthusiasts know him by the screen name Gong Yoo. Gong Yoo has been part of various trending and popular Korean movies, starting at the School 4 film and appearing in several other movies afterward.

If you’re a great fan of the Gong Yoo Korean actor, you’re in the right place. This post will walk you through the top 5 Gong Yoo movies and films every fan must watch.

1. Guardian: The lonely and Great God

Guardian is a popular Korean Gong Yoo film that many movie enthusiasts recognize as Goblin. This Korean cast features Gong Yoo, who plays an epic role in this storyline.

He plays an important role in portraying the role of a protector of the soul, Goblin, who doesn’t tolerate any form of immorality and is currently looking for true love.

After some time, Goblin connects three other individuals and additional world’s powerful forces. The film gained an exhilarating response from the Asians, and later the series gained a cult following.

2. Hello My Teacher

The ‘Hello My Teacher’ film provided Gong with a breakthrough role in the movies and film industries. It’s a role that changed his entire film career, making him popular among most Korean movie enthusiasts.

In the cast that many known as ‘Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy,’ Yoo plays the role of being a troublemaker making the viewers easily notice him. It’s one of the early works of Gong Yoo in the industry.

3. The Suspect

The Suspect is a fan-favorite 2013 action spy that gave Yoo’s career a new life, making his name a household name among most Asian fans. This Gong Yoo Korean actor role portrayed the function of a special armed force agent from a particular state of North Korea.

The agent was given appropriate reinforcement to achieve the goals on a certain mission following the change of administration. If you’re a lover of action films, it’s the best movie to watch as it comes with numerous packed action sequences.

4. Silenced

Most movie enthusiasts know it as The Crucible, as it’s based on several real-life incidents at Gwangju Inhwa School. The school is an institution of deaf students who have repeatedly suffered several attempts of sexual assault.

This film focuses on this sensitive subject, gripping and provoking to help voice what the students were going through. Following its origins release in 2011, it has remained one of the best films from Gong Yoo.

5. The Age of Shadows

When rating Yoo’s works so far, this film is one of the most popular and best action films. The Age of Shadows is an action drama, where Gong Yoo plays the role of Kim Woo-jin.

Despite having a limited role in the cast, His presence changed the movie’s flow, making it very exciting. During the 36th Korean Film Critics Awards, the organizers awarded it the best film.

Final Thoughts

Korean action and drama movies are among the best series you can choose for enjoyment and relaxation. Gong Yoo Korean actor is one of the popular faces you may realize from the different movies when watching these movies.

The actor has been featured in many movies due to his impressive and appropriate acting skills. The above are the top 5 Gong Ji-Chul movies you must watch.