2022 was an amazing year for eCommerce, and 2023 is nowhere behind to be an even bigger year.

The eCommerce platform is evolving with constant changes, and therefore, it is hard to keep up with the latest Magento updates and news. It was observed that most of the businesses are aware of just a few Magento updates.

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Let us talk about the latest news concerning the Magento updates to stay ahead of the competitors.

Magento latest updates and news

Similar to every year, Magento updates made headlines in every quarter of the year. Here is a closer look at the updates which 2021 has brought so far:

1. Magento version 2.4.2 (Feb 2021):

The following were the updates made in this quarter –

  • Online payment – this focused on streamlined buyer’s purchase approvals experience. This also helped in making online payments much easier and convenient for the users. Overall, it cut short the hassles associated with online payments.
  • Image optimization – to support the frontend performance, the Magento development services introduced image optimization. It helped to increase the clarity of the images to make them a visual treat.
  • PWA studio improvements – with its focus on decreasing the cost and increasing the time to market, the Magento development company ensured witnessing significant improvements to design progressive web apps without hassles.
  • In-product guidance – this is one of the most amazing complete eCommerce solution updates in Magento. This delivers a personalized experience to the Magento users to create awareness about the excellent features of Magento. It helps the users to understand Magento and its features a little better.
  • Improvements in quality and performance – with the thought of improving the user’s experience and Magento features, many updates were made concerning the quality and performance. Every change made in the performance and quality was according to the needs and requirements expected by the users.

2. Magento version 2.4.3 (August 2021):

Amidst the various changes, this quarter witnessed the following Magento updates:

  • Improvements in platform quality – the primary objective of this update is to measure the improvements made in the overall quality of the Magento platform. This update helped in reducing the indexing time concerning the product price and catalog rules.
  • Improvements in security – Magento security has always been one of the prime concerns in Magento development services. Effective protection was introduced against the possible spam and misuse by the expansion of ReCaptcha. The platform also witnessed other security updates to focus on a better user experience while using the platform.
  • Easier wishlist – these Magento updates made it convenient and more accessible for the users to get personalized assistance for their wishlist. It helped the users to track and save the desired items, products, and services to their own wishlist without any hassles.

Additional changes:

Magento is known to make regular updates and changes to deliver a better experience to the users. Besides the mentioned updates, the following were the changes made in the Magento platform:

  • Magento introduced its page builder update for all the merchants in July. This change helped the merchants to improve their content quality and improve the user experience.
  • Similarly, Magento development company welcomed the live search feature in the platform to get better search results without any complications and hassles. It easily shows the top results while ignoring the user’s spelling mistakes while searching for the products and services.
The final verdict:

2022 has proved yet another stronger and valuable year for updates and improvements in the Magento development services.

Every update made to the platform highlights its commitment to delivering an uncompromised and uninterrupted experience. They are dedicated to making the platform accessible, convenient, user-friendly, and one of the most reliable users.

As we are soon approaching 2023, the year is expected to set yet another example in making significant improvements in the platform. Are you excited? Comment below; what changes or improvements do you expect in the Magento platform making it a complete eCommerce solution?