For some of us, video gaming is sort of an alien world to step into.

Let me explain it to you.

When we think of video gaming, a geeky gamer comes to our mind, having crazy reflexes and a knack for multitasking. If that’s not enough to hold us back, the price tags concerning video gaming come into play.

According to Statista, in 2019, console gaming singlehandedly accounted for 35.1 billion U.S. dollars of revenue out of 60.59 U.S. dollars generated by the video games industry.

But let’s not get worried. Despite what these facts and figures might suggest, it’s not that daunting.

You don’t need to get expensive consoles and spend hundreds of dollars buying games on top of it to get a taste of videogaming.

Let’s have a look at six games that will bring out the hidden gamer in you without breaking your wallet.

1. Minecraft

Even if you’re planning to set your foot in the gaming world for the first time, you must have heard of Minecraft at least once.

In the realm of Minecraft, everything is made up of cubes. You could collect and combine these cubes to make virtually anything from towns and cities to castles and mansions.

In the creative mode, you set your creative juices flowing by harnessing the unlimited resources you get in the game. On the other hand, you enter the survival mode and build weapons and armors to guard against menacing mobs.

Minecraft has now established itself as a cult classic amongst gamers. Whether you play it on your own or you go for the multiplayer mode, you will hold on to it for a long time for sure.

2. Pirate Kid

What is it that makes a perfect adventure game?

Well, in the literal sense, perfection is an illusion. However, a game that makes use of a captivating storyline and immersive atmosphere—usually, in a fantasy world—can be thought of as a picture-perfect adventure game.

Pirate Kid, a gem of a game from Unlimited Gamez Mo, provides everything that falls into the definition of a perfect adventure game.

You start off by assuming the role of a pirate who’s on a mission to collect diamonds, tapping the screen to dodge evil birds and crabs that come your way. Pirate Kid avoids complex mechanics to make it both fun and addictive so you can expect playing hours and hours without getting bored.

But that is just one out of many!

Through Unlimited Gamez Mo, you could access loads of exciting games from multiple genres against very affordable subscription charges. 

3. Plants vs Zombies

In this strategy game, you utilize your in-game resources to create a defense against a mob of tottering zombies.

You have 49 plants—each with unique characteristics—that you arrange strategically in the playing field to fend off the attacking zombies.

Like many beginner-friendly games, Plants vs Zombies starts easy so that you get a hang of it in no time, before picking the pace steadily and increasing in complexity.

Plant vs Zombies, having expanded into a renowned franchise, gives you the option of numerous themes and formats. So, go for it all and see what suits you the best.

Not to mention, you might pique your interest later in time and want to expand your arsenal to add more thrill. You’re in luck then. Plant vs Zombies offers in-game purchases and free rewards on special achievements. 

4. Stardrew Valley

If you are ever fascinated by leaving your job behind and moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city to somewhere peaceful, Stardrew Valley will intensify your fantasies like never before!

In this game, you quit your job to undertake and manage a family farm.

If you’re new to gaming but not really into action-packed stuff or mentally challenging games, you will enjoy the relaxing aura this game provides.

As you build the farm of your dreams, you will be transforming an abandoned land with overgrown fields into a prosperous one that nurtures crops and a variety of other products.

Every day, you could expect to take on a variety of tasks, such as taking care of the animals, watering the crops, and clearing the debris.

Stardrew Valley takes things a step further by making a welcoming community. So, on days when you don’t feel up to farming, you could participate in seasonal festivals, befriend neighbors, and go fishing.

5. Monument Valley

This puzzle game is a treat for every beginner thanks to its simple mechanics, great story, and mesmerizing visuals!

But you won’t just be playing a mere game when you play Monument Valley. According to a study conducted at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), playing physics-based puzzle games for as much as an hour daily improves our decision-making skills and ability to adapt.

Coming to the game, you guide a silent princess, Ida, through a world comprising stunning architecture and mind-bending geometry. Along the way, you uncover mysteries, discover hidden passages, and get around challenging obstacles.

For the most part, you will be twisting and dragging shapes to pave a path for your princess. As you walk her through the maze towards the exit, you will be observing everything from an intelligently designed isometric viewpoint.

Monument Valley is a clever puzzle game but what sets it apart is its aesthetics. If you’re a beginner, you will find offering a great blend of thrill and tranquility.

6. Mario Kart Tour

Are you up for taking the world by storm?

In this colorful game by Nintendo, Mario and the company hit the racecourses in the locations inspired by the real world. As you take the flavor of the in-game cities, you steer and drift through them using just one finger on the screen.

Mario Kart Tour, in addition to providing simple mechanics, builds up the addictiveness by adding unique features.

In Frenzy Mode, for instance, you are given an unlimited supply of a certain resource that you could go full throttle on. On top of it, you earn badges and honors which give you an ego boost as you display them next to your name.

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to get started with this game; however, you could always buy virtual items to double the fun.

Bottom Line

Should you count on gaming as a leisure activity in the long run?


You could rely on gaming to get your daily escapade. Not only it is relaxing, thrilling, and challenging, but—as backed by research— gaming also trains your mind and helps you get better at real-life skills.

So, pick up your phones and tablets today and bring it on!