4 years to go.

It has been estimated that almost 50% of people aged under 32 years will stop subscribing to television services and stick to video-sharing websites like YouTube within these 4 years.

Speaking of YouTube, it is now the second largest search engine and also the second in the ‘most visited sites’ right after Google.

Hold on!

Not finished yet.

People all over the world watch 1 BILLION HOURS of YouTube in A SINGLE DAY.

Add the viewing time of Netflix and Facebook. You’ll find the YouTube viewing time you’ve just known to be more than that still.

Can you imagine what it might do to your business?

YouTube is probably the best platform to make content ‘alive’. It has the potential of keeping people glued to their devices (mostly mobile).

And that’s half of the job done. With your own YouTube channel and quality content, you might as well make a difference in influencing your audience.

This is going to be the stepping stone for effective marketing.

Let’s know how to do that with the rest of this blog.

Turn Your YouTube Channel into the Customer Magnet You Want to Be

At first, you need to take care of the formalities from starting a Google account to making the YouTube channel to purchasing a good camera or making some setup or buying applications for producing animated videos, and many more.

Consider easy finance options like a 15 minute loan in the UK or borrow from your savings account in order to fund these processes of the beginning phase.

However, save a bit of that money for some other uses also.

We will get into that if you care to read what’s written below:

  • Keep on uploading quality content
  • Make your channel integrated with social media and website
  • Invest in YouTube Ads
  • Why don’t you go for live streaming?

Let us read about these points in detail.

Keep on Uploading Quality Content

Think of something a video content might do those other things can’t.

A video is that type of content creation, which can be diversified. You pick a single product or a service in a single niche, and you may be able to make hundreds and thousands of videos out of them and that too in different types.

might make an educational video.

can go for advertisements.

can definitely make a short film on the niche you have chosen.

Or you can stick to product videos or simple vlogging to grab the attention of your customers and promote your brand.

The thing is that your videos are content that should be of good quality.

It really doesn’t mean that you need to make expensive or HQ videos.  But make sure they are informative and are made a little bit creatively so that they are able to catch the attention of your customers.

Make Your Channel Integrated with Social Media and Website

Social media and websites are both platforms for sharing the best videos you can make.

But, now it is time to join forces!

When you are making the content for YouTube, you know that the community in YouTube only will get to access it.

YouTube is the only platform that takes care of the content in the most flexible ways due to its advanced features of community engagement.

Like an amalgamation of Google and Facebook, YouTube tries to make sure viewers are offered the content, but the content helps them communicate and build further awareness.

That’s why you can use your YouTube videos to make a stronger network using your social media and website.


Sync your videos on YouTube with your social media profile and website.

It would give rise to more customer awareness and community building.

Invest in YouTube Ads

It’s not much of a problem if you’re thinking to make a significant change overnight.

You must understand that the closer you want to reach your audience, the better you need to serve them at first.

YouTube ads are but a fantastic idea for doing that. If you want to do that, you might as well start with little investments.

You have options like a 15 minute loan online if you’re in a hurry with YouTube Ads.

But you must choose the type of ads taking into consideration multiple factors like location, products or services, niche; community; gender etc.

Once you do that, you might be able to make sure your customers are getting more than the content they need. And yes, the content they get as extra is also going to be the content they might require in the long run.

So, isn’t it a healthy choice to grab more and more customers?

Why Don’t You Go for Live Streaming

Live streaming can be a really efficient idea to engage customers.

Not for the temporary customer involvement, live streaming takes care of the part of storytelling as that’s what your customers want to see and feel about your brand.

Do you need them to relate to your business? You choose live streaming.

And guess what? YouTube has got good ways to do that too.

YouTube Premiere is a tool you can find helpful in this regard.

It is a tool that allows you to fix timings for your live streaming. It can also help you inform your customers about such events and makes them engaged with the brand.

You might also take help f other tools so that you can Livestream video content like webinars on YouTube.

To Conclude

Your YouTube channel can really be a customer magnet if you have made your videos in the right ways.

There are going to be challenges about this. Bit, it is true that these problems can be solved with strategies and smart thinking.

Almost similar to the instant solution by a high acceptance payday loan you get in the UK; YouTube videos can be a quick but efficient way to boost marketing.

So, what are you waiting for?

Lights, camera, and ACTION!