If your room looks incomplete or lacks a focal point, it might be missing on wall art. Wall arts are like adornments for a living room! Place them on the wall, and they will instantly catch your attention. However, for the best response, you need to find the best wall art.

Fortunately, that’s no rocket science. Just some basic knowledge and quick research are enough to help you select a wall art for your living room. Here’s a quick guide for the same

#1 Look for the Ideal Size

Pause and take a quick look at your living room. How large is it? If your living room is spacious, then it’s worth choosing large wall art. Likewise, if your living room is small, select a small or moderately-sized wall art. We recommend this approach because a small wall art for a large room would look too less.

It will not cover the necessary wall surface. Similarly, large wall art for a small living room will look too extra! So, choose your artwork as per the living space. 

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#2 Mix and Match the Colors with the Wall

mix and match the colors with the wall

While selecting wall art for wall, make sure to contrast the colors for both. In simple terms, the color of your wall art should go well with the color of your wall. However, it doesn’t have to be entirely the same!

Let’s say if your wall is painted as Magenta, select wall art that features light shades of pink. Likewise, if your wall is painted white, select a color that blends well with white. This way, the combination will look appealing to the eyes.

#3 Theme it Up

If you have decorated your home as per a theme, then it’s worth doing the same for your wall art. For example, if everything in your living room depicts the ocean, look for wall art featuring ocean elements. You can go for something like beach sceneries, aquatic flora, faunas, shells, etc. However, keep a unique approach.

theme it up

Do not repeat anything that you already have in your living room. Say, if you have a shell curtain in your space, avoid choosing a wall art featuring shells. Instead, choose something that compliments the curtain—for example, an artwork with a mermaid.

#4 Style and Arrangements

Next, select the wall art as per your preferred arrangement. You can either go for one large wall art or buy multiple ones for a gallery. If you are making a gallery, choose wall arts with similar matter. Say, if you are making a gallery of animal-oriented wall arts, buy the wall arts with the same outline.

Simply put, do not buy anything that’s out of context. You should also look for other aspects like texture to add an intimate touch to your living room.

#5 Select an Artwork that Depicts Your Personality

When someone sees your wall art, they judge your personality on the basis of the same. Thus, always choose an artwork that mirrors your persona! For example, if you have a chirpy and jolly personality, select a wall art with vibrant colors and cheerful elements.

Florals will be an excellent pick for the same! Likewise, if you belong to the calm and relaxed category, choose an artwork featuring water, nature, or the sky. For someone who is strong and robust, wall arts with powerful animals ( like bull or tiger) would be a good pick.


So that’s how you choose the best wall art for your living room. Additionally, you can team up your wall art with the interiors! Once you are done with the selection, frame it up and hang it in an appropriate position. Make sure to place your wall art at the midpoint. An ideal height would be 57-60 inches from the floor.