If you’re running a business, you already know that your employees are the backbone of your company. There’s no big or small role — they all dedicate their precious waking hours working for your company and making sure you meet your short-term and long-term goals.

Aside from the mandatory workplace benefits you’ve been giving them, they’d surely love to receive something special as a sign of your gratitude for their efforts. 

Giving them a little token of appreciation this holiday season can go a long way. The best gifts don’t have to be grand and expensive.

Even a simple basket full of Christmas goodies can warm their heart, especially when it’s wrapped and curated thoughtfully. But if you’ve been giving them the same thing every Christmas, you might want to shake things up a little this year. 

Running out of gift ideas for your employees? Take your pick from the fabulous Christmas gifts listed in this article: 

1. Luxury Christmas Gift Hampers

Christmas baskets are the go-to corporate gifts since time immemorial. But instead of giving them standard, pre-packaged pantry ingredients and cheap liquor, why not fill up their baskets with high-quality goodies this time? Luxury gift hampers might be the answer.

Luxury Christmas Gift hampers raise the bar here. Think about fine wine, craft beer, and cheeses, good quality coffee, chocolates, marshmallows, and nibbles, and artisan jams and spreads.

You can also take into consideration the Cuban cigars which also are symbols of luxury and prestige. There are various types of cigars such as  H Upmann cigars, Cohiba or Partaga. H Upmann cigars have a combination of nuts, cocoa, and spice which can for sure be a very luxurious gift.

Make it nicer by including scented candles and wine glasses into the mix. You can find businesses specializing in luxury gift hampers, curating multiple gift items into a single hamper. And you bet they only work with suppliers with top-notch products. 

2. Gift Cards

Don’t have the time to buy gift items? Whether it’s a gift card for a fine restaurant experience or something that’ll help them save on groceries, gift cards never fail to spread Christmas cheer. The major advantage is it’s the most flexible gift you can give. Your employees can choose how and when they’d like to use them, depending on their individual needs. 

3. Care and Wellness Package

You know very well how workplace obligations and demands can give even the strongest employee such tremendous amounts of stress. Encourage them to relax and care for their wellbeing this holiday season by giving them a personalized care package. 

Care and wellness packages promote clean living and a healthy lifestyle. These packages usually include healthy and delicious food products and beverages (herbal tea, fruits, and nuts, healthy snacks to nibble on), mindfulness gifts (inspirational quotes, painting sets), and unique relaxation items (scented candles, spa essentials, etc). Don’t forget to send each one of them personalized messages to warm their hearts. 

4. Noise-cancelling headphones

If you have home-based employees, you may understand their frustration of working under undesirable conditions. Help them get things done while minimizing distractions by giving them high-quality, noise-cancelling headphones. Next to boosting productivity at work, they can also use these headphones for listening to white noises and calming music, promoting better sleep quality. 

5. Luxury Chocolate Gift Box and Everything Indulgent

Who doesn’t love receiving a box of chocolates? You don’t need to wait until Valentine’s Day to give them a luxurious bundle of sweet treats. Instead of sticking to ultra-sweet, weight gain-inducing bars, go for refined boxes with assorted confections, like Belgian chocolates. 

You can also boost their festive spirit with booze, like a fine bottle of wine, champagne, craft beers, cocktail-making sets, and cheese, chips, and crackers to go with them. 

6. Ergonomic Furniture, Cushions, and Work Essentials

Sitting up straight on a standard chair for hours isn’t just uncomfortable — it can bring up serious health problems too. Since your employees spend most of their time working, you can give them a gift of comfort, convenience, and wellness with ergonomic furniture.

You may offer to update their existing furniture with ergonomic chairs or give comfortable cushions and neck pillows to address backaches and other muscle-related problems. 

7. Bonsai Tree and Other Houseplants

A patch of green at home promotes a calming effect on the brain and boosts one’s mood. And nothing gives a green hue better than nature. Houseplants, like a bonsai tree, are amazing gifts. They’re small enough for a desk plant and they’re low-maintenance too. 

8. Personal Fitness Equipment

Let’s get real: working for 8-9 hours, 5 days a week makes it almost impossible to head to the gym. We’d rather spend the night and weekends sleeping, watching series with our family, and doing the household chores. Since your employees find it hard to go to the gym, let the gym come to them by giving them personal fitness equipment. 

Yoga mats, jump rope, resistance band, power twister arm gear, and dumbbells are useful gifts. If you’re feeling a little generous, you can give them a treadmill or a stationary bike. 

9. Travel and Vacation Packages

Encouraging them to use up their vacation leaves for the holidays is great, but you can always sweeten the deal by giving them actual vacation packages. All-expense-paid travel deals on tours, accommodation, and airfare are splendid gifts for making the most of their time off. Not only would these travel deals amplify their festive joy but these privileges would project you as a thoughtful and caring employer. 

10. Personalised Desk Accessories

Don’t have the budget for expensive gifts? Go for something personalized. You can give personalized desk accessories like a custom pen holder, stationery, and coffee mugs with their names or caricatures on them.

No gift is too small nor too grand if you put some personal touches on them. Doing so will imply a sense of belonging in the workplace and surely help keep your employees motivated to serve you in the long run.