Read How to Install and Activate CNNgo on Roku

Many people are addicted to a news channel, and they always want to news it doesn’t matter where they are, so in this case, we are providing facilities to our readers.

Now it is easy to watch the latest news on the big screen with the help of CNNgo on Roku. This platform provides the latest news to the users, and it is the best broadcasting platform that people can use.

Before we move forward, we must know about the CNNgo on Roku platform and why it is necessary to use it. So let’s begin the journey and don’t miss a single part of it.

What is Roku?

Roku is a platform where users can watch CNN news and other channels for an extended period. You can install it on your TV and enjoy the news channel CNN and with other channels as well.

It is just like any other OTT platform, but the difference is that other OTT platforms show web series and movies, but on this platform, you can enjoy the live news and latest news anytime and anywhere.

Is Roku Free?

Roku is free to download and use, but to enjoy it fully; the user can buy a subscription for TV cable. With the subscription, the user can access other channels to enjoy the news worldwide.

So we can say that the Roku platform is both available for free and paid subscriptions. Users can enjoy it and choose their version.

What does Roku Offer to Users?

The user can enjoy other channels such as CNN, CNNi, HLN, etc., to enjoy the news worldwide.

It also offers premier access for exclusive feeds of breaking news.

Apart from news channels, the user can also enjoy documentaries and original digital shows available on that platform, which are rare to watch. It is not available for free on any platform.

The user can also enjoy the 10-minute preview on any Live TV channel and demand show.

They also provide a closed captioning feature that can be added to any demanding program.

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How to Install Roku?

You can install the Roku platform on your TV; follow the below steps to go with it.

Step 1: Use an HDMI port on your TV to connect the Roku player.

Step 2: Switch on the TV and launch Roku.

Step 3: Please check the Wi-Fi device and log in with the Roku credentials.

Step 4: Now navigate the Roku home channel, and click on the streaming channels.

Step 5: Now navigate the channels and find CNNgo under channels.

Step 6: Click add a channel in the CNNgo’s app information screen, and download will automatically start.

Step 7: Now, go to the channel and open the Roku app.

Instructions to Activate CNNgo on Roku:

Step 1: As you launch the Roku app, you can see that the display asks for the activation code on the screen.

Step 2: You can open the computer or smartphone and open the browser.

Step 3: Now search for

Step 4: Now, choose the platform for the activation and add the activation code on the display screen to verify it.

Now you’re ready to use the Roku app on your cable and enjoy the news and other videos.

How to Watch CNNgo on Roku Without Subscription?

Here we know about the things where the user can watch Roku with a subscription, but what if they want to watch it for free. So check out the platform below, where you can watch it for free. We also provide the solution to watch CNNgo on Roku without a subscription.

1. Sling TV

It is just another platform where the user can watch CNNgo on Roku at a meager price. Well, you can also go with the less subscription plan. They start the subscription plan from $35/month, and you get the free trial as well.

It supports every type of device and works with it. It can be used on four devices simultaneously and not be charged extra. It is also working on Apple TV, Chromecast, and modern web browsers.

2. Fubo TV

It is especially for sports streaming services and offers several channels to enjoy various content on the same platform. It comes with two packages: monthly packages and yearly packages.

You can go with a trial and after that purchase the Fubo TV service and enjoy CNN at Roku. It also provides a storage facility of 30 hours to record their favorite serial episodes and enjoy it anytime when you want to.

3. Hulu With Live TV

It was introduced in 2017 and made the most popular platform over the internet worldwide. It provides a great list of channels, with amazing package prices. The price starts from $40/month only, and you can enjoy it with numerous channels.

Apart from news channels, they provide entertainment and sports channels too. You can go with monthly pricing and have fun with CNNgo on Roku.

4. YouTube TV

Yes, it is the 1st platform that people choose to install on their cable because it is very cheap and comes at a very low price. Anyone can easily install it and use it on their tv anytime.

It provides 70 channels and unlimited entertainment to the user. It includes news channels, sports channels, and other documentary channels. The price starts at $40/month, and it has only one package for the channel.

5. The CNNgo App

If you want to install the CNNgo app on your tv, why don’t you want to go with the CNNgo app only? All you need to do is download the CNNgo app and install it on your TV.

It only works with Fubo TV, not with other apps such as Hulu, Youtube, etc. You can enjoy it on your tv, and it works on other devices as well.


You can enjoy CNNgo on Roku platform at very affordable prices. All the above methods to install the CNNgo on Roku are available, and the user can follow each step and install it very easily. If you find more details about it, feel free to share them with us.