If you love watching movies and TV shows all day long, then you have landed in the right place. Here is where you can find help to fix any issues you may encounter while installing Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard and generating a pin using http://bit.ly/build_pin.

This tutorial aims to help you install the Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard, part of the Ares Project, which means you can stream movies and TV shows for free. Unlike its competitors, the Kodi platform offers a wide variety of add-ons that let you do anything with your device.

The Ares Wizard provides a seamless streaming experience and easy TV show and movie watching. It is free of charge and does not require that you spend any money on it. This program gives you access to all Ares Project software developed by third parties.

Use the Ares Wizard to install Kodi Krypton v17.1.

Here is an exercise that will teach you how to install Kodi 17.1 using the Ares Wizard. Ares Wizard is a valuable tool that provides access to hundreds of free TV shows, movies, and TV series, including the television series ‘Big Bang Theory.’

The addons that Kodi Krypton offers are much more expansive than those of its competitors. With this support, it allows you to do anything with Kodi.

Ares Wizard is designed to provide you with a consistent streaming and viewing experience. A unique aspect of it is that it is free, and there is no cost associated with it. Using this, you can access the outsider software programming produced by the Ares Project.

Find the most efficient way to resolve Kodi krypton playback failed error in steps if you face a similar situation via this stunning guide.

There is no way you can ignore bit.ly/getbuildpin on the off chance that you have no idea what it is. A site called http://bit.ly/build_pin lets you PIN Kodi Krypton for online streaming. Several users have reported getting a code to resolve the error. 

Do not fret; in this article, you will learn how to get the bit.ly/getbuildpin pin to install the Ares Wizard for Kodi 17.1.

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How does the Ares Wizard work, and what is http://bit.ly/build_pin?

With Kodi Ares Wizard, one of the best builds on Kodi TV, you can watch movies and TV shows. It has a vast collection of high-quality add-ons that provide access to a variety of high-quality content.

This tool is similar to Ares Wizard in that it optimizes and backups Kodi databases for free. With this app, you will also get a pre-bundled bundle of settings. It is also compatible with devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick and other Android and iOS devices. The server quality and build quality are exceptional. Buffering is non-existent, and streaming is of high quality.

You can now proceed with all the information we have provided you about Kodi Ares Wizard and http://bit.ly/build_pin.

Having enough information about Kodi Ares Wizard and http://bit.ly/build_pin already, let us introduce Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard after getting a PIN via http://bit.ly/build_pin. In this way, here we go:

Here are the steps for installing Ares Wizard in Kodi 17.1 and getting the build pin by going to bit.ly/getbuildpin:

Now let’s get started by following the instructions below. To install Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard, visit http://bit.ly/build_pin. To generate a PIN, visit http://bit.ly/build_pin.

Step 1: Initially, go to your system and click on the upper left corner.

Step 2: After that, you can proceed with system settings.

Step 3: There, you will see the option of Additional Items; click on it.

Step 4: Open “Unknown Sources” and enable it. Click “Yes” from then on.

Step 5: Go to the File Manager.

Step 6: Click the “Add Source” button.

Step 7: Now Click “None” and enter the address: http://ares-repo.eu/ in the address field and click “OK”

Step 8: To name this media source, select “Enter a name for this.” Type a name, for example, “ABCD,” and then click Done.

Step 9: Reopen Kodi and click on the main menu.

Step 10: Click on “Add Ons. “

Step 11: Press the Package icon on the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 12: After that, choose “Install from Zip File”

Step 13: Now select the source you listed in step 8.

Step 14: On the next tab, click the Script folder and select the script called something like ‘script.areswizard-0.0.69.zip’ 

You must use the selected link in Step 8 first. Then click on Repos and script.areswizard-0.0.69.zip to finish the process.

Step 15: Allow the add-on to install. Once the installation has been completed, you’ll receive a notification. Sometimes it takes a few minutes (occasionally, it takes five to seven minutes).

Step 16: it will direct you to Kodi’s main screen. By going to Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Ares Wizard, you will access Ares Wizard. Click OK after the Ares Wizard loads. Ares Wizard should load shortly.

Step 17: Press Install when the Ares wizard has loaded. It’s that simple. Congratulations, Ares Wizard, has been installed on your Kodi device.

Step 18: Open Kodi’s main screen. Launch the Ares Wizard and choose Kodi as the project.

Step 19: Then, it requests to enter a PIN. And Use another gadget and peruse http://bit.ly/build_pin.

Step 20: Next, enter the PIN shown at http://bit.ly/getbuild_pin

If you followed the step-by-step instructions, Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard should have been installed successfully.,

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