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Before we continue, I feel there are a few points worth discussing.

To begin, there are two places where DG workers may view their pay stubs online. The first is located at DGme, while the second is known as the Stub Portal. Portal for stubs.

The Money Network proudly presents the Paystub Portal, which enables simple and easy access to your paystub information online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a fantastic website that provides easy access to the information you require. However, that is all it does. It’s as simple as that.

Meanwhile, the DGme site allows you to check your pay stubs and access your tax forms online, among other things, all in one convenient location.

Employees can use Dollar General login to check work schedules, DG paystubs, work-related information, payroll information, and W2s information, among other things.

Not everyone may be aware of the DGme site. As a result, anyone reading this article will find the steps to logging into the site fairly simple.

Let’s take a look at the Dollar General company before we get into the perks and login requirements of using the DGme site. 

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About Dollar General Company

Dollar General Corporation is based in the United States. This organization is well-known as a bargain retailer with a nationwide network of over 17,000 different outlets. Dollar General provides a wide range of products to its clients. In a nutshell, Dollar General carries all of the things that individuals require daily.

National brands such as Energizer, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Unilever, and others are available at Dollar General locations. Dollar General also offers its consumers products from private brands that are reasonably priced and meet their needs. Dollar General is a family-owned retail store in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States. Dollar General opened its doors in 1939. J.L Turner and Son was the company’s name at the time. James Luther Turner and Cal Turner founded J.L. Turner and Son (now Dollar General).

The organization also goes out of its way to look after its staff, providing all of the necessary amenities and more. Dollar General Portal simplifies the employee’s work-life by providing access to everything from pay stubs to employee perks and other pertinent information.

Should I use the Paystub Portal or DGme?

With all of this in mind, we always suggest using the DGme website rather than the Paystub Portal.

However, I believe that both new and current employees will be able to obtain the majority of the information they require through the Paystub Portal or DGme. So, in the end, it’s only a matter of deciding which one you prefer.

Below are some of the reasons why you should prefer DGme:

What are the Advantages of DGme Employee Login?

    • Recognizing the reward system
    • Parental leave
    • Legal advantages
    • Vacations and holidays are paid for.
    • MetLaw’s legal plans
    • Health Benefits
    • Fitness Center facility
    • Competitive Pay
    • Flexible spending accounts (FSAs)
    • Adoption assistance
  • Paystub dollar general updates are made regularly.
  • Bonuses are paid every year.
  • Retirement investment opportunities
  • Benefits from insurance
  • DG day dress
  • Disability (short- and long-term)
  • Plans for retirement savings
  • Benefits of Identity Theft Protection

Health benefits, retirement benefits, compensation benefits, rewards benefits, and store support rewards are some of the DGme Employee benefits.

The Advantages of the Using DGme Employee Access Portal

  • Examining the work schedule
  • Payroll details Checking a DG paystub
  • W2s (Wage and Tax Statements)
  • Employee information

Things to Know Before Login

Please keep in mind that new employees and first-time users will need to create an account to use the full functionality of Dollar General’s employee website. If you haven’t already done so, go here to start the registration process.

Simply fill out the form with your personal information, including your Employee ID, legal first name, last four SSNs, and date of birth, once you’ve arrived at the registration page.

To finish creating your account, click “Submit” after filling out the form and following the on-screen instructions.

Employee Portal Sign-In Requirements at Dollar General

  • The official URL address for the DGme employee portal is
  • Dollar General employee login ID and password.
  • An updated version of the latest web browser.
  • Smartphones, laptops, and tablet devices are accessible.
  • Uninterrupted access to the internet at a fast speed.

How do I log into my DGme account?

To use the DGme online portal, click this link and log in with your login credentials. If the link doesn’t work for some reason or you don’t want to use it, copy and paste the following URL into a web browser window: (

You can log in with your username if you have a DGme email account. You’ll have to use your Employee ID if you don’t have an email account.

  1. In the Login ID field, type your login ID.
  2. Fill up the Login ID field with your login details.
  3. In the Initials, type your legal first name and legal last name.
  4. In the Password container, type your password.
  5. Click on “Log in.”

As a reminder, if you’re a current Dollar General employee, you can use this procedure as well.

What is the process for resetting the password for the DGME Employee Portal?

For Dollar’s general employee access, the password is crucial. You should not be concerned if you forget your password. You may not be able to check important information such as Dollar General’s pay stub information or work changes without your password.

  • Go to the official website –
  • Click Forgot Have you forgotten your password?
  • Enter Employee ID, First Legal Name,
  • Add SSN
  • Enter your birth month, day, and year,
  • Click Submit.

After completing the above procedures, you will be able to log in to the portal in no time. After logging in, the employee can view details such as DGme paystubs or DGme work schedules.

Other Common Issues

Some customers have reported being unable to log in from their home computers. If this happens to you, try logging in with a different browser or using the Paystub Portal to view your pay stubs and W-2s. But keep in mind that you must first generate a PIN first at before proceeding. After creating a PIN, you can use that along with your DGme EID or Employee Number to access the Paystub Portal.

Some employees have also experienced concerns with DGme working on mobile devices. People can’t seem to click on the View button to choose paystubs or perks, for instance. Experienced Dollar General employees advocate using desktop view on your mobile device or using a different web browser to address this problem.

Dollar General Employee Portal Login Assistance and Contact Information

You will require customer assistance because if you are unable to log in or experience technical difficulties during your login, you will need to know who to contact. You can also reach their 

 Official Dollar General webpage for assistance:

 Customer Care Phone number: 877-463-1553


What exactly is a Dollar General pay stub?

The paycheck received by the employee each month is referred to as the Dollar General paystub. The employees can employ a DGme paystub login to view their paystubs online. Employees obtain vital information about Dollar General pay stubs on their smartphones using DGme paystub login.

Employees can easily access Dollar General pay stubs through this portalIf you have any problems using the Dollar General pay stub, please feel free to contact the helpdesk.

Is there a DGme app available for smartphones?

Yes, you can download the DGme app by clicking on the links below.

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