Have you ever found a video on Instagram that you couldn’t get enough of?

Apart from the Save function, when you find the video of your dreams and want to save it for (How to Download and Save Instagram Videos on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android) later viewing, Instagram will not provide you with that option.

The good news is that you can actually record and save that video to your device. All you have to do now is figure out how to download Instagram videos. Videos can be downloaded on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn how to save them to any of these devices. You’ll know exactly how to download videos from the platform and watch them as many times as you want after reading this post.

Downloading Instagram videos with the intent of sharing them as your own creation is a copyright infringement and is against the law.

You should only use the platform to download videos for your own personal use. We are not liable for any actions taken against you if you are found in violation of these copyright laws and attempt to pass the videos off as your own.

If you want to repost a downloaded video, first ask permission from the content creator and credit them in your post. You can also directly share the video content via the OP.

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How do I get Instagram on my Mac or PC?

While most Instagram users don’t use their computers or laptops to access the service, you might want to save the content to your device for future use. These devices also offer the most download options for Instagram videos, such as:

  • Making use of a plug-in
  • Getting the source code
  • Using a web-based application

Option 1: Using a Plugin to Download Instagram Videos

A browser plugin is a simple way to download Instagram videos on a Mac or PC. This is a type of browser extension that will assist you in performing tasks; in this case, it will download your video to your device.

Get real Instagram followers by visiting comprar seguidores instagram portugal now. If you use Chrome, you can get a plugin that finds and collects IG videos for you.

The Instagram Downloader is one of the most popular options. It’s a good place to start because the plugin has a lot of positive reviews. You must first download and install the plugin before you can use it. Search for Instagram Downloader in the Chrome Web Store.

When you’ve found it, click Add to Chrome. Once the download is finished, go to Instagram and watch the video you want to save. The plugin will provide you with additional buttons in the top right corner, one of which will allow you to download the content directly to your PC or Mac.

Option 2: Snatching the Source Code for Instagram Videos

If you don’t want to install a plugin, you can use the second option in the source code to download Instagram videos to your PC or Mac.

For two reasons, this is an excellent method for downloading IG videos. You don’t need to install any plugins or use a third-party tool when downloading videos from the source code.

Furthermore, you can pretend to be a computer genius who knows where to look for and use code to create something cool. To download a video from a page’s source code, open it on Instagram and right-click on it. Then, from the menu, select Inspect.

View Page Source or Inspect Element are two other options. A code stream will appear on the right-hand side of your browser window if you select this option. If you’ve never worked with code before, it can be intimidating, but it’s not as difficult as it appears. To activate the “find” option, press Ctrl + F (Command + F for Mac) and then type “.mp4.”

This will take you to the code that contains the video. Copy and paste that source link into a new tab or window. After the video has started playing, right-click on the content and select Save Video As from the menu to save it to your device.

Option 3: Use a Web-Based Tool to Download Instagram Videos

You still have one option if you don’t use the Chrome browser, don’t want to deal with code, or simply don’t want to add a plugin to your browser. To download your chosen IG videos, you can use a web-based tool.

For example, DreDown is a simple to use app that works well with Instagram videos of any length. You can gather content not only from Instagram, but also from YouTube, Vine, and other sites. To use DreDown, go to their website.

Visit the Instagram website in a new browser tab and look at the video or photo you want to save. Right-click the URL in the address bar of your browser and copy it, or use the shortcut CTRL + C (Command + C for Mac).

Once you’ve copied your URL, go back to the DreDown tab and paste it into the search bar. You can either right-click and paste or use the CTRL + V (Command + V for Mac) keyboard shortcut.

Your video will be saved to your device once you click the download button. If you don’t want to use DreDown, you can use pretty much any other online tool.

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iOS users can download Instagram videos.

We’ll show you how to download Instagram videos to your iPhone or iPad in this article. While there are many iPhone users around the world, the ability to download Instagram videos is limited. We’re still hoping that Apple and/or Instagram will make it easier to download IG videos to your device in the future, but for now, there are only a few options.

Well, there’s really only one thing to do—enlist the help of a third-party tool. Regrammer is one of the most popular choices. It’s both free and easy to use.


The download will begin once you copy and paste the URL from the Instagram video into the Regrammer app. By tapping the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the post and then selecting the Link option in the middle, you can find the IG video URL. The link will be copied to your clipboard, and you can paste it into Regrammer with ease.

On Android, here’s how to download Instagram videos.

Now that you know how to download Instagram videos on PC, Mac, and iOS, you might want to brush up on your Android skills and be able to do the same. When you view videos on Android devices, they are automatically saved in your phone’s cache, which is a type of download in and of itself.

You have two options for downloading Instagram videos on Android:

Making use of a third-party app or tool

Use your phone’s cache to get to the video.

Let’s learn more about each technique

Option 1: Find an App to Download Instagram Videos on Android

Using a third-party app is the most straightforward and reliable way to download Instagram videos on Android. It’s simple and quick, making it a popular choice among many people. The Google Play store’s Video Downloader for Instagram (very original) is one of the best options on Android.

The tool is completely free to use, and unlike some of its competitors, it does not bombard you with a barrage of intrusive advertisements. Once you’ve downloaded the app, go to Instagram and copy the video’s link.

To do so, tap the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the Instagram post, then tap the Link button in the centre to copy the link (same as iOS).

The link will be copied to your clipboard, and when you reopen the Video Downloader app and paste it into the search bar, it will automatically begin downloading and saving it to your device.

Option 2: Use Cache to Download IG Videos on Android

If you don’t want to use a third-party tool and have some spare time, you can use a second method to download Instagram videos on Android. The “cache method” of downloading is what it is called.

To begin, go to the video you want to download and watch it from beginning to end.

This content will be captured by the Android OS and saved in your phone’s cache. Visit comprar seguidores instagram to know more updates about Instagram.

Because the phone only saves the part of the video that you watch, you’ll have to watch the entire thing if you want to save it. After you’ve watched the video, go to the File Manager on your phone.

Go to Android > Data > com.Instagram.android and select it. You can access your IG cache and Videos from this location.

You’ll see all of the videos you’ve watched up to that point, along with a.clean file extension. If you tap on that file, the video will play on Instagram just like any other video. Click the Rename option and change the. clean extension to.mp4 to convert the video.

Why do people save videos to their Instagram accounts?

So, why would anyone need to download videos from Instagram? You can save them to the platform and access them at any time! While this is true (and a very useful feature), there are a couple of reasons why you might want to save IG videos to your device:

  • You want to watch the video content without having to use the internet.
  • You’d like to keep the video for future inspiration and reference.
  • You’re worried that the OP will delete the video and you won’t be able to watch it anymore.
  • You want to save your own information to your device (perhaps the files got wiped clean)

These are the four main reasons for directly downloading Instagram videos to your device, and knowing how to do so will come in handy if you ever find yourself in one of these situations.