Movies are a great way to pass the time throughout the weekend, and what better way to do so if not with some of the best high-tech movies Hollywood has to offer? If you’re not looking at the Super Bowl futures for 2023, you can check out some old but gold high-tech blockbusters to fill your free time.

We’ve collected ten exciting movies with impressive, futuristic technology as the good guys battle different villains and help save the world from alien invasions or destruction. Undoubtedly, these movies would help make your weekend more enjoyable, and you can always check on others once you’re done with one. 

Men in Black Franchise

The Men in Black franchise is one of the most exciting tech-based movies to come out from Hollywood in the last two decades. These movies have exciting storylines, and their technology is impressive. Also, the magical touch gives them an additional savory experience. 

The Martian

This movie is about a man stranded on Mars after his crew left him behind because they thought he was dead due to a massive storm. He had to rely on different survival instincts to stay alive for as long as needed. The Martian utilizes futuristic space travel technology that would be cool if it existed. 

I, Robot

Imagine a world where robots and humans live together. This is what I, Robot is all about. It depicts one of the most exciting interactions between humans and their robotic neighbors. However, the relationship soon turns sour, with some of the robots going rogue, and the hero has to find a way to save the world.  

Terminator Franchise

The Terminator Franchise is one of the most incredible action-packed, high-tech movies. Even though the first film was released in 1984, it remains a cinematic genius, and over the years, we’ve had other movies in the franchise. You can start with the first Terminator movie and watch it till the final one to cover the weekend. 

Code 8

This science fiction comes with superpowers and explosives. Code 8 is about a boy trying to support his family but ends up committing a crime, leading him to face off with the police. The storyline is pretty exciting, and you’ll enjoy the experience when you watch this movie. It is one you should consider for your weekend. 

Ghost in the Shell

Enter the world of cyber-humans, but this time, we only get a glimpse of them with the first cyber-human trying to counter cyber-terrorism. However, as she sets off on her journey, it doesn’t go to plan, and as a result, we get a series of complicated events.

So, you should add this to your list to see what happens with a cyber-human trying to survive and learn about her past. 

Matrix Franchise

The Matrix is a fantastic movie with an exciting storyline. The movie takes us to a world where humans fight against a machine uprising in the Matrix. However, whatever happens to you in the Matrix happens in real life.

But with our group of heroes, there is hope for humanity, and we can win against the machines. Start from the first installment and walk your way to the latest one to cover your free time. 


Although this is not a significant production movie, as it has a low budget, it is still an incredible movie to watch. From start to finish, the movie has all you need to enjoy an impressive cinematic experience with the high-tech trends used. It is a movie about vengeance aided by futuristic technology. 

Ex Machina

This movie has everything you need in high-tech production. From coding to artificial intelligence and robotics, it is packed. It is an outstanding production that saw it become one of the best science fiction movies in 2015. Watch this movie, and see how a human develops a bond with a robot. It is one of the high-tech movies you should consider. 


This movie takes us to a futuristic world where people live inside the safety of their houses. However, their robotic surrogates take on their daily lives and handle their day-to-day chores. But this relationship soon falters when there is a murder, the first one in many years.

Watch the chaos unfold; everything that took years to build goes into shambles and threatens extinction. Undoubtedly, this is one movie you should consider as part of your weekend itinerary.