We all have that one friend who can easily approach women and get himself a date within a couple of minutes, and to be honest, we all dream about having the same character he has, but unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Online hookups and dating websites provided an opportunity for everyone to meet potential dates behind the screens; it sounds like a better way to reduce the stress and take out the fear factor attached to starting a conversation out of nowhere.

However, the same problem still exists, and many people can’t present themselves well on dating platforms. This article will give you some tips to avoid sounding like a creep on hookup websites and show who you indeed are. Also, if you’re curious about the best websites to use you can read more here.

Build an interesting profile

When it comes to online hookup websites, some men avoid creating themselves a good profile, and they think that signing in is just enough to get you laid in five minutes.

Obviously, this isn’t going to work, and approaching women from such a blank account will make you sound like a creep, so avoid doing that, and add some information about yourself, a couple of real photos, some details about your interests, and hobbies.

This way, you’ll be on the right way. However, don’t lie in your profile because there are tons of ways women will use to find out about it, so keep it real, or keep it in your pants!

Harassment won’t get you anywhere

When you start a private conversation, don’t come out hard with sexual words and dirty harassment slang because as much as you think this will work, it will not. Although it’s a hookup platform, it doesn’t mean people there have no feelings, and to be more specific, no one likes to feel cheap.

If you are funny, you can start with a couple of jokes to set the mood, or you can take a different approach and start with some gentle flirting that won’t push women away.

Express yourself calmly and confidently, and don’t put any pressure on someone. If you got rejected, simply back down, and try with someone else.

Reach out and take the lead yourself

Emphasizing the same idea one more time, being on a hookup website doesn’t mean you will become the center of attraction and get laid in no time. You have to go for it, and you have to make an effort by reaching out to others yourself.

Look for potential candidates you like, check their profiles, read a little about their interests, then start a conversation. Be careful about your choice of words in the conversation and discuss potential common interests.

Show that you care about the details

Can you imagine how many times a woman has heard “hey beautiful” and “how you doing”? Let’s start with the fact that only Joi Trebiani can start a conversation like that and sound charming.

When you want to start a conversation with a woman, check out her profile, and be specific. Choose something you like about her, and flirt with her nicely about it, briefly speaking, warm up the conversation little by little.

Overconfidence leads to nowhere

Sometimes men try to look overconfident, thinking this will get them a one-nighter rapidly, but it won’t get you anywhere far from your screen.

Human nature is for men to go after women, so you have to make an effort. Although we’re not advising you to become a stalker, try adding some balance in your conversation. You should sound reasonably confident and show your interest loudly and clearly.


A one-night stand might be waiting for you somewhere, but you have to walk the extra mile and present yourself better so you can reach it. If you think you are confident enough after reading the above tips.

Let’s advise you about the best 25 adult dating platforms, pick the one you like the most, create your profile, look for your preferred dates, reach out to them as we explained in the article above, and enjoy a casual on Friday night.