Instagram is the top leading social media platform for digital marketing. Lots of people, organizations, and brands moving towards Instagram instead of other Social media platforms because Instagram is offering lots of features and tools that are really helpful in growing the business and brand.

But most people stop using Instagram in the short interval because they are not getting a much better response, the reason is the very high competition and rushes on Instagram, every second thousand of posts are published on Instagram, so in this situation, the question is rising what you need to do? The first solution is to buy Instagram likes and the second option is to apply proper tips and tricks during Instagram posts.

1. Share Unique and High-Quality Content

As you know that quality and uniqueness are the top priorities of the content and for unique and quality content you need to do lots of planning and thought, and content-making is the most difficult part of the whole strategy.

If the content is quality worth then its means you have done the major part for getting lots of Instagram likes because Instagram always promotes and appreciates unique content. In Instagram content, you may include images and videos. There are some tips for making your content better i.e. image should be newly captured, the face should be shown in the image, and choose the best filters.

2. Use Hashtags Properly

Well, you have to create unique and quality content which is really good for getting lots of IG likes. What about if you get lots of likes instantly? Yes, it is possible with the use of hashtags. You should need to use hashtags in your post. Many people are bothered during finding hashtags, actually finding hashtags is too easy.

Many sites and apps are available that are providing hashtags for free. You should need to take care of some cautions during hashtagging, hashtags relevant to your brand niche, use 2 to 3 trending or important hashtags, and always put new hashtags for every new post.

3. Tag Relevant Users

In this technique, you are generating a link with your competitor. If you are running a brand on Instagram then you must have some competitors. Research a maximum of 10 competitors that have a huge amount of following and a high engagement ratio. Whenever you post on Instagram, we suggest you tag a minimum of 2 competitors in your post, two ways to tag the user the first one is on the caption by @ sign and the second one is on the picture.

4. Write Eye-Catchy Caption

A good and eye-catchy caption gives the extra boost and worth to the picture or video. Unlike twitter there is no limitation of words, you can write the caption as long as you want. But we recommend you write brief captions and the caption explains your image or video because the user doesn’t have much time to read the whole caption.

In the caption you can ask the question, you can write any blog or you can write the reactions. One more tip uses emojis in the caption.

5. Tag Your Location

If you want Instagram likes from the local area or nearby area then you should tag your location. Many people don’t feel good while sharing their location well this is their personal matter but if you are running the brand on Instagram then there is nothing private. We think this is the best opportunity for the brand in the mean of increasing its presence locally. You can add the location by turning on your location or you can tag manually.

6. Post Consistently

If you are consistent in any work then nothing can be a hurdle in your success because consistency is the best key of every success, if you want lots of Instagram likes then you should need to post consistently, consistency does not mean you are uploading the content on every minute or again and again, just share the post on Instagram for 4 to 5 times.

We recommend you create the Instagram posts for a whole week so that you can easily upload the content in time, on the other hand, you can use the Instagram post scheduling software for uploading the content on Instagram these tools will automatically upload your content.

7. Post on Instagram at Peak Hours

If you want to increase the Instagram likes quickly on a daily basis, then you have two options i.e. the first one is you need to post the Instagram post on peak or best, or on the other hand, you can buy Instagram likes monthly every day the peak hours are not the same you need to analyze each day before uploading the post on Instagram, the best way is to analyze the competitors, different tools are available some of them are paid or some of them unpaid.

You just need to analyze their uploading activities, at what time they are posting on Instagram, and what hashtags they are using in their posts. You can also copy their hashtags but can’t copy their captions, images, or videos.

8. Ask the Audience to Tag a Friend

You have seen many times on Instagram that the phrase tag your friend written on images or videos. This is actually the best way for increasing the likes, comments as well as followers.

This tip can work anytime because you can use this trick on any event, for example as you know the next month is coming let’s suppose the next month is September then you create the post like ” tag the friend whose birthday is coming in September for reminding him or her for a treat”. We suggest you use this tip twice or thrice a week.

9. Like and Comment on the Posts of Others

This tip is one of the best tips for increasing your engagements and Instagram post likes. If you like or comment on any Instagram post then indirectly you are increasing the engagement with that user. The post has lots of likes and comments, and the Instagram algorithm admits it is a quality post and promotes itself.

We have some recommendations for you, if you are seeing a post with lots of like then just comment because comments are more noticeable on the other hand if you see a post with fewer like then like and comment on that, might be in return you get like and comment on your post.

10. Share Your Post on Other Social Platforms

Do you know Instagram allows you to connect three external social platforms to itself? These external social platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you connect these social accounts to Instagram then you can share your post directly with these accounts. In this way, you increase your engagement.

When you publish your post, Instagram offers you to share on other platforms, for sharing you need to mark the social platform icons. When you shared your post the caption and hashtags were also shared along with the post. The hashtags on Instagram can work on Twitter but not on Facebook and Linkedin.