1. Content

Content is king. Content rules when it comes to the web. So before you even launch your website, you should have a clear content marketing strategy. Many businesses go wrong in that they don’t add content to their websites frequently.

It’s vital for each business to have a content publishing plan; maybe weekly or daily but the plan should be consistent. And when it comes to content, search engines will always respect unique and quality content over everything else.

It’s important to even hire a freelance content marketer to create the content for the site because copying and pasting can be disastrous to you site rank. In addition, do not present your content only in written form; create video ads, infographics, and images.

How does content help my customers find me? When customers need to solve a problem, their first stop is Google, they google for a solution.

Now, if your site is updated and has an answer to that problem, your site will rank higher when the customer searches and if the customer is satisfied with your answer, they’ll ask you to help them solve their problem. This is why you need to add quality content to your site frequently.

2. Efficiently Use Social Media

I used the word efficient here because, from its definition, it is achieving maximum possible results from minimum investment. The primary destination for your online presence as a business should be your website. All other channels should be for driving traffic to the primary destination.

The biggest challenge nowadays is that people online, especially on Social Media Channels, are no longer enjoying outbound links, they will blatantly ignore those.

So for you to efficiently use Social Media, you have to understand that Social Media Marketing is no longer about who has the most money, but it’s now about who arouses the greatest emotions in their audience.

Using emotions in advertising and investing the least amount of money possible. Emotions will help spread your message much more than money can do.

Humans are emotional creatures so before you try telling people about that awesome product on your site via social media, ask yourself, “What can I feel if I use this product?” And try capitalizing on that answer.

3. Turn your Customers into agents

Word of mouth or affiliate marketing is still one of the most powerful methods of marketing around. One of the fastest ways to make your business discoverable is to make use of your customers, let them be affiliate marketers of your products by giving recommendations.

If your site does not have an eCommerce platform, have a digital product that you can sell, even something like an eBook that shares your expertise on the product or service you sell.

In turn, you give the customer a certain percentage of each sale they manage to close. So, the customers will just be sharing links to your products which will drive potential customers to your website.

Although there are many other ways to make yourself visible, these are the three most effective ways. Also remember, for the last three minutes you’ve been reading this article, 2 000 websites were created, so it’s important to start taking action immediately.