There are many ways to resolve Error 97 for your Android device however, it is important to know the meaning behind Error 97 is in reality.

Error 97 can be a message that appears on the screen of your Android phone, stating “Error 97 SMS Origination Denied. Your SIM account or number isn’t authorized to receive or send MMS message.”

If you first encounter Error 97 the error might appear as if something is not right with your phone however, most of the time, Error 97 is simply an issue with your cell service provider.

We all know about sending text messaging, someone. There was a time when WhatsApp was not there, and people did the recharge to get free SMS for days and months.

But some people also face the message sending failed error which is also known as error 97 SMS. Well, this error is mostly generated in Android devices only. Yes, there are some ways to solve this error, but every time it won’t work.

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Today we are going to try all these ideas that will be helpful to solve this error and let’s try to fix error 97 SMS

What is Error 97 SMS Origination Denied?

Well, the Error 97 SMS specifically occurs in any Android device. It doesn’t matter which phone you are using. Till it is not proven what is the actual reason behind the Verizon cause code 97. Maybe you used the default messaging app or any other messaging app. It doesn’t matter. So follow the steps below.

Solutions for Error 97 SMS Code

1. Restart Android Phone

restart android phone

This is the most simple solution that you can use to solve error 97 SMS. Just press the power button and switch off it and switch on it again.

2. Disable the SMS App

disable sms app

Yes, this is another method to avoid error 97 SMS origination denied. Just disable the app forcibly. It can be your default messaging app or any other SMS app. Follow the below steps.

  • Now open the Settings app and tap on the Apps option.
  • Select Force stop or Disable. Then open the SMS app again and try to send the message again.

3. Clear Cache

clear cache

Well, you can clear the cache with the same procedure.

  • Open the Setting app and open the Apps option.
  • Now clear the cache and click on it.
  • Wait for a few minutes and try again to send the SMS from an app.

4. Enable Storage Access for SMS App

enable storage access for sms app

This procedure solves the error 97 SMS problem many times, and many people prove it. All you need to do is make some space for storage access while removing apps or deleting something on your phone.

This problem also occurred when the SMS box got full, and you didn’t get other messages. So try to follow the below steps and avoid it.

  • Open Settings
  • Now click on Apps
  • Select App permissions
  • Set the toggle on the storage

5. Use Another app

Many messaging apps available in the market, such as Truecaller, can be useful for testing. Suppose the default messaging app shows error 97 sms. So don’t worry about it.

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All the above-given solutions are proven and the work they want to do. Apart from that, some other apps can be installed on the android device but are not trustworthy, like TrueCaller.

If you ever try to remove the default messaging app, it is also hard to maintain the phone because it creates a problem handling the upcoming important text messages. If you have any other suggestions, then feel free to share them with us.