In today’s competitive talent market, attracting top performers requires more than just posting an ad and hoping for the best. A LinkedIn survey revealed that 63% of salespeople prioritize career growth opportunities when choosing a new job.

Here are insightful tips on how to attract top employees.

1. Consider Internal Hiring

Before searching externally, look within. Offer existing high performers opportunities for advancement into sales roles. They already understand your company culture and possess valuable institutional knowledge, giving them a head start.

Some of the benefits of internal hiring are:

  • Reduced Costs: Saves time and money compared to external recruitment.
  • Faster Onboarding: Internal candidates already know the company culture and processes.
  • Improved Retention: Promotes employee loyalty and demonstrates investment in talent development.
  • Enhanced Morale: Shows employees there’s an opportunity for growth within the company.

2. Partner with Universities & Other Learning Institutions

Build relationships with local universities or sales training programs targeting graduates with passion and potential. Offer internship opportunities, guest lectures, or even scholarships to nurture future talent.

Network with the students by attending school events like workshops and talent shows. While there, share your digital business card to help students easily connect with you when they graduate or during the school holiday. 

3. Host Sales Challenges on Social Media

Attract ambitious candidates with a public display of their skills. Launch a social media challenge where participants compete in hypothetical sales scenarios judged by your team. Showcase the winners and offer them job interviews.

Here are five tips on how to make the challenge a success.

Design the Challenge:

Brainstorm engaging scenarios relevant to your products or industry. Offer a glimpse into real-world sales situations: pitching to a specific customer profile, overcoming objections, or crafting compelling value propositions. Make it straightforward by only requiring entries in digestible formats like short videos, social media posts, or presentations.

Amplify the Reach:

Partner with relevant industry influencers to promote the challenge across their networks. Collaborate with educational institutions or sales training programs to attract aspiring talent. Utilize targeted social media advertising to reach your ideal candidate pool.

Judge with Expertise:

Assemble a panel of top sales performers to judge the entries. Their insights ensure authenticity and showcase the desirable skills you seek. Encourage transparency by sharing judging criteria beforehand, focusing on effective communication, creative problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

Make it Rewarding:

Reward participation and incentivize top performers. Offer cash prizes, exclusive training opportunities, or even a “fast-track” interview process for outstanding entries. Publicly recognize the winners, featuring their contributions on your social media channels and company website.

Beyond the Winners:

Even non-winners deserve recognition. Highlight impressive entries that showcase specific skills or approaches you value. Offer constructive feedback and encourage them to stay connected. You never know they might become future applicants once they gain more experience.

4. Showcase Data-Driven Career Growth

Attract top talent by demonstrating your dedication to their long-term development and career progression. Don’t just say it; showcase it! Here are tangible tips to highlight your data-driven approach to employee growth:

Track and Share Promotion Statistics:

Track the percentage of salespeople who have been promoted internally within the past year or over a specific timeframe. Share this data in job descriptions, recruitment materials, and social media posts. Highlight impressive figures to showcase your commitment to promoting from within.

Feature Success Stories:

Don’t let individual achievements go unnoticed. Feature stories of past salespeople who have successfully transitioned to more senior roles or new departments. Share their journeys, highlighting the training, mentorship, and support they received. Consider video testimonials or blog posts for a more personal touch.

Quantify Skill Development:

Measure the impact of your training programs. Track participation rates, skill acquisition data, and even improvements in key performance indicators after training. Share these statistics to demonstrate the tangible benefits of joining your team and the investment you make in their growth.

Promote Internal Mobility Programs:

Communicate any existing career path programs or mentorship initiatives you offer. Explain the steps involved in promotion, the skills required for each level, and the support provided to achieve them. Transparency fosters trust and attracts candidates who value growth opportunities.

5. Utilize Micro-Influencers in Your Niche

Collaborate with industry micro-influencers who resonate with your ideal candidate profile. They can promote your open positions and attract relevant talent through their engaged followings.

Encourage the micro-influencers to engage with their audience by hosting targeted giveaways, referral programs, or even exclusive online events where interested candidates can directly connect with your team. 

You can create digital business cards for them and use platforms like Popl Teams to track their performance. Use the analytics reports to monitor their performance and make decisions. 

6. Offer Remote Work Options

Expand your talent pool by embracing a remote working model. Highlight the flexibility and work-life balance benefits to attract geographically diverse candidates, especially in a post-pandemic landscape.

One of the proven secrets of remote recruitment is highlighting the advantages of remote work in your job descriptions and recruitment materials.

Emphasize the flexibility to manage personal schedules, increased productivity in quiet environments, and improved work-life balance. Don’t forget to mention specific perks like flexible hours, remote-friendly equipment, and wellness programs.


Today, attracting top sales professionals requires more than just a job posting. Applying the above strategies can transform your recruitment strategy and build a winning sales team. Feel free to adjust them to match your company processes. Good luck!