Indian VFX and animation industry is worth Rs 90 billion and is expected to grow to Rs 180 billion by 2024. The reason for the growth is the heavy usage of VFX and animation in industries like film production, gaming, architecture, and medicine.

The success of movies like Bahubali has made VFX and animations a mainstay in the post-production process. Also, the booming mobile gaming industry has led to the creation of local studios.

Seeing the scope of the industry, educational institutes are also offering VFX and animation courses to equip students with the skills and knowledge to enter the industry. As a result, youngsters are looking past traditional career choices and aspiring to make a career as animators and VFX artists.

If you also want to make a career in the animation and VFX industry, here are some interesting roles available for you.

Career Scope in VFX

1. Layout Artist

Layout artists are part of the pre-production process and are like Directors of Photography in 3d animation. Based on cues from script and storyboards, they decide on lenses, movements, and angles for the virtual camera.

2. Compositor

Today, a single scene consists of camera footage, special effects, 3D, 2D graphics, and animations. Compositors ensure that all assets blend perfectly with the background/camera footage.

3. Roto Artist

Roto artists manually trace and cut objects from frames to separate them from the footage. As a roto artist, you work closely with compositors and provide them with assets to put together in the final scene.

4. Camera Tracker or Matchmove Artist

Matchmove artists match movements of 3d graphics with the camera movement of live-action footage. Matchmoving aims to ensure that 3d rendered objects are placed at correct angles, so they fit perfectly in a scene.

Career Scope in Animation

1. Storyboard Artists

If drawing and painting are your strong suit, storyboarding is your career. Animation begins with storyboarding; hence storyboard artists are invaluable members of the animation team. Storyboard artists create a visual representation of each frame to help directors and makers finalise scenes.

2. Character Animators

Character animators add movements and expressions to 3d models. They essentially bring characters to life.

3. Rigging Artists

Rigging artists add details to animated models and ensure graphics and details do not break the animations. The detailing involves adding bones and skin to the character models.

4. Texture Artists

If you have an eye for even the minutest details, texture artist is the role for you. Texture artists are responsible for adding details like colours, texture, and props to the final characters. They also add details like wrinkles, scales, and hair to add depth to the characters.

Final Words

The scope of the VFX and animation industry is incredible in India. There are so many roles that pay well and have ample room for growth. But first, you must complete a VFX and animation course to master the techniques and skills needed to become an expert animator and VFX artist.

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