Have you been vaping ordinary e-cigarettes but want to spice up your vaping experience? Try the e-pipe mod.

Using e-cigarettes has become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes that contain tobacco.

This is largely because vaping is believed to have far fewer harmful side effects than smoking. And with vaping, there are various devices that people can use, e-pipe mods being some of them.

So, what are e-pipe mods? These are electronic devices that people use in a way similar they smoke a tobacco pipe. However, an e-cigarette pipe does not have the harmful effects of a tobacco pipe because it does not involve burning tobacco.

Below are some of the reasons why switching to an e-pipe is a smart choice:

Vaping an e-pipe mod is a healthier choice

Smoking traditional tobacco pipes poses significant health risks. For example, exposure to respiratory diseases, due to the smoke and the toxins that these pipes produce as the tobacco is being burned is a real risk.

Fortunately, vaping a pipe e-cig does not pose the same risks as it does not involve burning tobacco, but works by vaporizing e-juice to produce a vapour that vapers inhale.

The e-liquid contains flavourings, and solvents, and may have or not contain nicotine. And for hygiene reasons, if you don’t want the stress of cleaning a device, you can buy a disposable e-pipe.

Using e-pipe mods is far safer and healthier than smoking a traditional pipe or cigarettes so it is a smart choice to switch to electronic pipes.

E-pipe mods offer a more customizable experience

Another good reason to consider investing in an e-pipe mod is that it allows you to customize your vaping experience—which is not possible with a traditional tobacco pipe.

The electronic pipe allows you to choose an e-juice with the nicotine strength that you want, or even vape without nicotine. Also, you can adjust the amount of vapour that your pipe produces.

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E-pipe mods are cost-effective

If you want to make some savings, you can check out the e-pipe price list and buy yourself an e-pipe mod that fits your budget. While the initial investment may be higher than if you buy a traditional tobacco pipe, buying an e-pipe is cost-effective in the long run for the following reasons:

  • E-pipe mods need to be refilled with e-liquid, but this is cheaper than buying tobacco for use in traditional pipes or buying conventional cigarettes. You can buy a large bottle of e-liquid at a cheaper price and save some money.
  • E-pipe mods do not require lighters or matches like conventional tobacco pipes do. Instead, you only switch the e-pipe on and ensure you charge your device’s battery. 
  • E-pipes are available as starter kits which contain everything you need —the device, atomizer, battery, charger, and e-liquid. Buying the whole package together is cheaper than buying each component alone.

E-pipes are convenient

If you love convenience, e-pipe mods are your best choice to enjoy your nicotine or even vape without nicotine. You only need to refill the tank with e-juice, turn the device on using a button and inhale. On the other hand, traditional tobacco pipes must be loaded with tobacco and lit with a lighter or matchbox each time you want to smoke them.


You make a smart choice when you switch to an e-pipe mod. This is because vaping with an e-pipe is healthier than smoking a traditional tobacco pipe. It is also more convenient, cost-effective and allows you to customize your vaping experience.