Everyone has his particular dream. Someone dreams of buying a new iPhone model, someone wants to earn a million dollars, and someone desires to pick up van rental Nashville Airport and go on a big family adventure in Tennessee. 

Yes, traveling in a rental car is a great way to spend your vacation. Moreover, it’s very easy to book a car by using a simple car rental application. However, at times it can be difficult for you to achieve your road trip dream due to many secondary factors. 

The only way out in this situation is to put your main goal first and follow it no matter what. But how to do that? It’s simple – use the following goal setting and tracking apps on your smartphone!


The application is suitable for those who want to achieve several goals at once. You’ll love its minimalistic yet colorful interface and the ability to customize each target with a beautiful icon. You can fine-tune your goals, for example, using timers, as well as mark the achieved goals. There’s support for Siri Shortcuts and Apple Health, which greatly simplifies the work in the application. 

If you can’t complete tasks on time or you forget about them, Streaks will always tell you what to do in such situations. 

Way of life 

In this application, you see your progress in the form of beautiful charts and graphs. Your goals will be divided into two colors: the ones achieved are colored green, and the unreached ones  – bright red. A built-in reminder system won’t let you forget about your daily tasks. Also, there’s the ability to group goals/habits by tags and create notes.

You can use Way of Life for free, but only 3 goals will be available to you in this case. A subscription will open up more goals for you, plus you will have access to cloud storage.


This is a complete to-do list with a reminder and a habit tracker. The app is similar to Todoist – just as easy to use. You can set up recurring tasks, create checklists, add tasks via email, sync tasks between different devices, and much more. 

TickTick also helps you organize your goals by task, set priority levels for them, and sort them by date, title, or priority. It’s possible to synchronize your data with Apple Health, as well as use voice input of goals and tasks. 

Almost all major platforms, including the Apple Watch, support TickTick, so no compatibility issues are expected. There is a possibility of both free and paid use (about $3 per month). The latter option will open up access to advanced features. 


This program is the leader among goal-tracking applications. Its interface is pleasing to the eye and easy to use. Everything is extremely simple – you choose a goal, adhere to the established rules, and get rewards. 

There is a community where you can exchange experiences with other users, give or receive practical advice on how to achieve your goal. Also, a Coaching section in the application allows you to find a personal coach specializing in a specific task.

Your coach will regularly make sure you stay on task and correct your behavior. You can use Coach.me for free as a goal/habit tracker, but hiring a coach starts at $20 per week.


This multi-purpose application will help you keep track of anything. Strides is ideal for long-term tracking of things like sleep duration, gym progress, or saving money. A clean and thoughtful interface clearly shows all progress and expected results. 

You can set multiple goals at once, create daily checklists, and keep track of habits, projects, tasks, etc. And if you are afraid to forget about your promises, the application will regularly remind you of them.


It’s a smart application that helps you achieve your goals based on your developmental and psychological principles. There are several ready-made templates that you can use to build your goals – just pick the one that suits you. 

GoalsOnTrack also offers a built-in goal log where you can record and track your progress. In order to make the task easier, the program will help you break down large goals into several subgoals, so that in small steps you will achieve what you want faster.

 The core set of GoalsOnTrack features is free, but if you don’t have enough, you can upgrade it to the premium plan, which will significantly expand your options.

CheckMark Goals 

A very simple program that allows you to control the completion of your tasks and plans. The work algorithm is very simple – you define a goal, set a period for its execution, intervals, and a reminder time. Then you can mark completed tasks or achieved goals. 

The statistics compiled by the program will allow you to keep track of which tasks you completed on time, which ones didn’t complete on time, and how many tasks you completed during the day or week.


It’s a great program to control your daily habits. After installation, you can define a list of tasks. For example, filling out a blog every day, going to the gym, or saving cash for a future trip. Then you choose the period during which you would like to do this task, for example, a week, a month, or a year.

Now you can mark the completion of tasks, and keep track of the last time you did one or another thing from the list. A more advanced paid version of the program makes it possible to mark the progress of tasks in percentages and graphs.