Technology is wild

If you consider what the internet was like in 2000, there were around 17 million websites. That is a stark contrast to the 1 billion that we have today. That’s a phenomenal difference at a level that is borderline unimaginable.

To put that into perspective – 1 million seconds is around 11 days, and 1 billion seconds is over 31 years.

The sad reality here is around 80% of those websites are no longer in use. For a website to serve a purpose, it must attract traffic – preferably tons of it. If your website needs help attracting browsers, follow these five tips below:

1. Have A Business Blog

Blog content enables businesses to share related content that is valuable to their audience. Blogs offer current and potential customers entertaining or useful information, making the company appear professional and helpful.

To get a handle on what to post, focus on some of the better-performing content like, videos, lists, and how-to guides.

2. Social Media Ads

Social media enables businesses and websites to connect to their target audiences directly, and repeatedly. One of the biggest selling points of social media marketing is that it allows a connection between the user and the company, which enables engagement, encourages real-time feedback, and boosts web traffic.

A huge portion of social media marketing can be attributed to brand awareness, increased sales, and improved SEO through posted content.

3. Google Ads

google ads

Creating campaigns within Google Ads to tailor goals to increase website traffic. Google spends millions of dollars creating the perfect registry to drive interested customers to websites around the world.

Google offers multiple recommended settings and features to drive interested customers and potential target audiences to your website. Contact a reputable SEO company to help you set yours up, ensuring you get the highest spend value and ROI.

4. Create Fantastic Content

Quality content engages audiences, sparks interest, and works harder to get people to take action on your website. When a user finds content valuable or interesting, they are far more likely to share it – which means free advertising for you and increased hits.

Great content legitimizes your brand and makes it stand out. To execute a strategy of creating fantastic content, write about topics that your target audience will be interested in.

Once your customers associate your brand with great content, it won’t be long before you notice a boost in traffic after they start coming to look for more.

5. Proactive Engagement

Proactive engagement is crucial for making and keeping your customers happy. If your customer has a great experience and shares it -reward them. If they have had a bad experience and want to vent – let them.

Engagement is all about how you handle what your customer wants. At the end of the day, your website is reliant on them, so you will need to come up with creative strategies to give them what they want so you both win.

Proactive engagement means an increased trust relationship and that always leads to more traffic and increased sales.