Law firms always compete. You might have some near you offering similar services. You have the same client pool, and you need to snatch potential customers away.

Utilizing SEO to boost your law firm’s rankings in the SERPs can help you do that. We’ll talk about SEO best practices that should help your business now. 

1. Insert Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Finding keywords and keyword phrases that your clients might use can help your law firm’s website. You can ask your marketing team about keyword generation. They might use tools and generate lists they’ll utilize when writing your site’s optimized content.

You might also contact an SEO agency and enlist them. They can help you by finding keywords and keyword phrases as well. 

Just figure out whether you want keyword list producers working for you full-time or not. Each option appeals, but maybe you don’t feel you have the budget for hiring permanent marketing staff members for keyword generation.

2. Add Inbound and Outbound Links

You must create inbound and outbound links when optimizing your law firm’s website. You can hire a black hat SEO agency to generate inbound and outbound links fast, but those can hurt your website, not help it.

Only use someone who can utilize white hat or approved SEO tactics when creating inbound and outbound links. The Google algorithm appreciates hyperlinks. If your site has the right ones, that can help it climb the rankings.

You must periodically add new inbound and outbound links and fix any broken ones. That takes time, but it’s worth it when you see the results. Your site can climb the SERPs with an extensive hyperlink collection.

3. Add Images and Videos

You need original pictures and videos you can feature on your law firm’s site. You can’t use stock images, or the Google algorithm won’t like it.

Take pictures and use them for your website, or hire a professional photographer or videographer. You want pictures and videos that show your satisfied customers or maybe your legal team fighting for your clients in a courtroom setting.

You should have videos on each web page that depict your company helping others and doing the best job possible. You’ll get more customers from your higher Google ranking position, and they’ll like the pictures and videos you feature.

4. Write Content for Humans

You must also write content that reads easily. You don’t want keyword-stuffed content that mangles the English language. Your content should flow easily. You need short, digestible text blocks, not long ones taking up the whole web page.

You might feature a law firm blog where you discuss legal precedent and anything else customers may want. You can answer common questions and establish your credentials that way.

You should write your website content so that a client reading it will hire you. Add compelling calls to action throughout the site to make that happen.

These SEO best practices should help your law firm immensely.