Sometimes, your Canon printer isn’t turning on. This is a common issue with printers and is usually resolved by the user. To solve an issue with a Canon printer that isn’t turning on, you must identify the reason.

Sometimes, the issue is so simple, the power cable isn’t connecting to the printer correctly or that the outlet isn’t functioning properly. Before you leap to conclusions and think that there is something wrong with your printer examining these fundamentals.

If after having checked all these items you are still unable to solve the issue, then you’ll try some of the troubleshooting methods that are discussed in this blog.

There is a good chance that even when you have attempted to troubleshoot the issue, the issue will not go away but if it does, do not hesitate to contact our Canon support specialists for your printer.

Why Does My Canon Printer Won’t Turn On

Before we begin with troubleshooting It would be beneficial in determining the root of the issue. Canon printer not activating the problem. Here are some reasons that might stop you from turning on your Canon printer from working.

  • Your printer isn’t connecting to the mains power supply.
  • Your printer isn’t getting enough power.
  • incorrect configuration of the printer
  • Problem with adapter for printer
  • damaged power cord

Therefore, there could be reasons that the Canon printer wouldn’t turn on. If you’re trying to eliminate any of these issues, then proceed by following the troubleshooting procedures described in the article below.

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How To Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Problem

Try each troubleshooting technique one at a time till your Canon printer is restarted, the issue has been resolved.

1- Check if your Canon printer is on

If pressing the power button too strongly or pressing the power button for longer than a couple of seconds could hinder the printer from being turned on. If the access doors for your printer are opened, your printer might not be able to turn on.

If yes, unplug all cables and cords from the printer and then leave it for at least a moment. After about a minute, connect the cords and cables to the printer, and turn the printer on. The printer will be reset Canon printer and resolve any issues that may arise temporarily.

On certain printers, there’s also a power button next to the power cord or the control panel.

2- Check the Power Code

The power cord is the one responsible for connecting the printer’s power source. If it isn’t connected, the printer will not be able to receive the power it requires to run, which means it won’t be able to print anything.

In this instance, you must check the power cord. Check that it is connected to your printer and it is connected to the switch for power. Verify that it’s not damaged and is functioning properly. It is often damaged, however, it is possible, so you must check it out, and if it’s not working then replace it right away.

3- Confirm the Power Supply Configuration

The configuration of a printer is different based on the model and type that the printer is. While some printers are equipped with power cords that can’t be removed, other printers come with power cords that are easy to remove. Certain printers require an AC adapter for connection to wall outlets and others don’t.

4- Check the Printer Adaptor

Then, your printer’s adapter might also be the reason for Canon printers to not print. Canon printers are equipped with two kinds of adapters that include an AC adapter externally as well as a built-in AC adapter. When using the built-in AC adapter the power cord can’t be taken away.

To power on the printer, connect the power cord to an outlet in the wall. If the printer doesn’t start your printer, look over the code to see if there is any wear.

If you’re not able to solve the issue it is possible to replace your power cable with a new one to see if it can work. The same procedure can be done with an AC adapter that is external and test if it works for you.

After having tried the methods above You will have to restart your printer and verify that it prints properly.


We hope that by applying the methods above, you’ll be able to resolve your Canon printer which isn’t turning on. If you are still unable to start the printer or you are experiencing other problems, try contacting our experts for help.