Choosing the best among the available VPS servers to host your business website can be a daunting task. Several hosting providers choose from all professions to deliver excellent services at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for the cheapest VPS, then this blog is for you. Get details about the factors that determine the server cost.

No doubt, a VPS can be your ideal solution for growing business websites. There are several factors involved in calculating the cost of the server. The size of allocated storage space, processing power, network performance, and system specifications are major factors that determine the overall cost.

With multiple service providers in the market, it can be difficult to select the best one. As the competition between them is running high, most service providers tend to offer affordable managed VPS hosting. But not all providers are good enough to give you what you want. So, before choosing one, you’ll need to consider various aspects.

Cheapest VPS Server: Top Factors that Affect the Cost?

Trying to understand the costs of service providers can be frustrating, especially if you are looking for customized packages. When you select VPS plans, there are several instances where you end up paying for extra features that your application doesn’t use.

Let’s check out the factors that stop organizations from migrating to a new service provider, and play a crucial role in increasing the server price.

1.  Vendor Lock-in Concerns

Vendor lock-in is a very serious problem in the business world. It’s when your organization is hesitant to leave your current vendor behind because of the fear of losing time, money, and data if they switch to another company. It’s one of the biggest challenges IT teams face today and the most prominent reasons that vary the cheapest VPS server prices.

Check out the cases where companies come across Vendor Lock-in Scenarios

  • High price plan shared by the new service provider
  • Large files are difficult to transfer
  • Duration of their association with the existing service provider

Vendor lock-in concerns are never to be taken lightly if you want to avoid spending huge costs in the long run. Why? You’re pretty much stuck with your existing vendor if you ever decide to go for a switch. Plus, the costs of data migration and the potential downtime can be unreal.

The good news is that there are ways to lessen the risk. One of them is to switch when your vendor is down or when they are changing their system. In this way, you won’t be bothered about the VPS server prices, and the transition will go smoothly.

2.   Bandwidth and Data Transfer

Have you been overpaying your cloud hosting company? Data cost is a significant factor impacting your business profitability. Being overcharged for VPS server prices may not be a pain if it’s a small amount per month. However, with most businesses that host their apps and data on the cloud, the issue of data transfer is more concerning when dealing with over-priced VPS in India.

After all, bandwidth and data transfer are vital factors when it comes to how hosting companies compute the cost of a particular service. Even if you find a reasonably priced VPS server in India, you still have to support excess charges for bandwidth and data transferred when exceeding the plan limits.

Managed VPS hosting service providers may still charge you excess bandwidth and data transfer fees outside your package limits. Data ingress and egress include incoming and outgoing traffic coming in or going out from your server.

3.   Flexibility but No Customization

Many companies are offering low-cost VPS hosting solutions. However, in the quest to find one suited to your distinct requirements, you need to dig in deeper. Invariably, you come across several options in your search. Some of these VPS choices may appear to be cost-effective initially. But when you check in detail, they lack essential areas such as customer support or the facility for scalability, etc.

Most VPS server providers don’t exactly provide unlimited bandwidth, or what they guarantee they don’t really guarantee. When you go with the most reliable VPS hosting service providers, you will get features like a free trial period, free domain, unlimited bandwidth and many more that enhance your business opportunity. Check all the features before making any choice.

When you select VPS plans, there are several instances where you end up paying for extra features that your application doesn’t use. Ensure the pricing plans of your VPS server provider are upfront and transparent.

Bottom Lines

When you know the factors that can vary cheapest VPS you must consider the three most important factors- cost, server configurations, and support before any investment.

If you need any further help selecting the best VPS server for your site, consult with Go4hosting professionals, and they have a thorough knowledge of the pricing structure of different managed VPS hosting plans.