Since 1980 the torrent website has been very popular for downloading videos, movies, software, games, and files. After a few years, the torrent website expands its business and creates other sites on the Internet to expand the business and get more visitors.

It takes many years to reach new people and upload the data on time. As time moves forward, it gets more popular, and the sites get more visitors. But here, ExtraTorrent is a very popular website that provides the favorite video content with HD quality of 720 p and 1080 HD.

The ExtraTorrent has a very simple interface so the users won’t get confused and get their favorite video anytime. So today, we are going to know about the ExtraTorrents website. Your Content Goes Here

Is ExtraTorrents Website Legal?

Yes, after the popularity of torrent websites and uploading the content illegally. Many publishers file a case against torrent owners to stop the websites and uploading their content without their consent.

This will be a huge fall, and it is closed by the government. But after days, it just started again with another name, and one of them is ExtraTorrents. It is an illegal website, and many countries banned the website. And if any user gets caught while using the website, they will get penalized or spent in jail.

How to Use ExtraTorrent Website?

These tricks will help any user download their favourite videos from the torrent website and enjoy it anytime.

Use incognito mode and VPN service to access the ExtraTorrent website from your browser. Ensure the VPN service will be good; otherwise, there are chances of getting caught and being punished.

Always be aware, and if any windows open automatically, then close it immediately before any confidential data was lost or the device gets affected by malware.

Most torrent websites work with an advertisement, and hackers also use it to hack confidential data and use it incorrectly. ExtraTorrent is not available on the Internet now, so users can move forward with proxy sites and download videos anytime from anywhere. So read the whole article to know about the ExtraTorrents Proxy Website.

List of ExtraTorrent Websites

Extratorrent Proxy 1 Live

Extratorrent Proxy 2 Live

Extratorrent2 Proxy Live

Extratorrent Proxy 3 Live

Extratorrent Proxy 4 Live

Extratorrent Proxy 5 Live

Extratorrent Proxy 6 Live

Extratorrent Proxy 7 Live

Extratorrent Proxy 8 Live


This is one of the proxy sites of Extra Torrent websites. If any user has any error while reaching the torrent website, then go with This website also contains various document codes and tricks that may be helpful to learn about software and other things.

Apart from movies, there are lots of stuff that can be found on this website. The is the best proxy site and working for more than a decade. Well, be aware of ads.


Yes, it is another second most valuable torrent website on the list. It has a large database with a collection of all kinds of games, from arcades to war games. Most people came here to find the old stuff, just like old movies or rare movies banned by the government. It also contains all kinds of important documents that are not accessible on the internet.


This website is also a powerful proxy website of extra torrents, and it is available in different languages so the user can easily continue with their language. The website is banned in various countries but still accessible through a VPN. So don’t wait and get download your favourite stuff now.

All the list of proxy websites is for the users who are looking for their favourite stuff and cannot find it on the internet. So please don’t waste time and use any of the proxy sites to download it now. If the user cannot access any proxy sites, check out the below Alternatives of the ExtraTorrent website.

4. The Pirate Bay

While The Pirate Bay has been one of the oldest torrent sites in the world, in recent times, increased governmental pressures have forced it to adopt alternative sites and routes. One of the best examples to come out of The Pirate Bay community in recent years has been the site.

Alternatives of ExtraTorrent Websites

1. The Pirate Bay

This is the oldest and most trustworthy website on the torrent list. You can say that it is the next website of a torrent that has been working for more than a decade and is still popular among users.

Daily there are millions of people visit the website, and it contains all types of Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, TV shows, web series, cartoon shows, and so on.

Well, it is also banned in many countries, but still, people are using it normally. The user interface is very simple for the user to understand, and it is quite available all the time.

All you need to do is use the VPN service and incognito mode. Well, without creating an account, the user can easily download movies anytime and anywhere. So don’t wait and visit The Pirate Bay to download any show in just a few minutes.


RARBG is another torrent website that can be used to download movies, tv shows, software, games, etc. All the things are already categorized to find them easily or type them in the search box to get the results quickly.

Well, they provide the Blu-Ray print to the user in high quality. They also offer movies, software, games, music, and adult films. So please don’t waste time and click here to download.

3. Lime Torrent

Lime torrent is very simple because everything is categorized in the form of an icon. For example, if the user wants to download music, then the user has to click on the music icon.

For the video icon, there is a video icon, and for software, there is a different icon. They are also categorized in the list form to search for their favourite movies, games, and software easily. The search box option is always open for the users.

The Lime Torrent is growing slowly, but still, it has millions of users, and people love the website. Yes, the design is very simple but never disappoints its users and always provides the content as per the requirement.

4. 1337x

Well, this is a very popular torrent website nowadays. Day by day, the number of visitors is increasing continuously, and we hope that it has more proxy sites in the future.

This is another alternative for the ExtraTorrent website, and the design of 1337x is very attractive. All the things are arranged in a very particular manner to search for their movies and series anytime.

All the videos are available in different video formats starting from 420p to 1080 HD quality. It also provides documentaries, anime shows, cartoon shows, and so on.

If any user starts to watch one thing, then it takes years to finish the series data. Apart from that the color combination and design is quite amazing and different from other torrent website.

5. Zooqle

Currently, there are 3.5 million users on Zooqle, and it keeps increasing day by day. It is another amazing torrent website for users to download: Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, anime shows, web series, TV shows, cartoon shows, documentaries, software, etc.

The Zooqle is quite popular for anime series because it has the largest collection of old anime series. The website is in English and Russian, so users can also enjoy Russian TV shows, movies, and documentaries.

6. Torrentz2

If we search for a torrent website, then millions of websites are available on the list, but today Torrentz2 is another popular site that is compatible with all browsers, and it is very tough to get caught on this site.

The Internet is full of chaos, but this website can lead you to the page the user wants to reach. The video quality is really good, and the user can download or stream online their video. All kinds of information are also available on the Internet about movies, software, games, etc. So enjoy it now.

7. YTS

Well, it is just a new website, but it has lots of popularity among users in a very short time. The reason behind the popularity is the design, speed, server, and all types of content.

The user doesn’t have to search for the links on this page, but they have to type names on the search box about their games, movies, web series, and here it is. There is no need to create an account; just download it or stream online.

8. RuTracker

It is a Russian torrent website and has a great collection of English and torrents. Anyone can create a free account and download anything they want. However, this is also illegal, so it is better to use a VPN service to help download and protect the device with antivirus.

Well, using Google Translate, any other user can use this website. There are lots of ads, so be aware and don’t get stuck in any trap. These ads may be harmful to the device or steal confidential data, so take care of it.

9. Kickass Torrent

This is another popular alternative to the ExtraTorrent website, where the user can find anything because this website is working for the last decade. Still, they get millions of users every month.

It is obvious that this website has a large database and collects so many things. Any user can use it anytime. The user can use it anytime without creating an account and enjoy it with their friends or family. Make sure to use a VPN service before accessing such websites.

10. TorrentDownloads

The TorrentDownloads is a great alternative to ExtraTorrent because apart from movies and TV shows, it also contains games, software, books, etc. So the user will never get bored and enjoy the stuff.

Well, online pdf of books are also available, so find them with the author’s name or type the book’s name and increase your knowledge. The user can also download their favourite game from a torrent and share it with their friends to play it together.

It is not a gaming platform, but the user can find their favourite games. So don’t hesitate and search for it for now.

Other Lists of ExtraTorrents Alternatives