If you are not satisfied with your permanent job and are looking for additional ways to earn money and a new profession, but do not know what to do to earn money, then in this article you will find a lot of ideas for quick earnings, as well as useful tips.

It is also worth noting that many people earn money through casinos and betting. Do not immediately dismiss this option of earning, if you have good analytical skills, you can familiarize yourself with the betting odds on 20Bet.

How to Start Making Money From Scratch or for a Beginner Without Investments

Let’s start the list with ways to earn money without investments. These small professions do not require skills or experience.

Selling Things

Collect unnecessary clothes, shoes, appliances, and other things and, having decided on the price, sell them on Avito. Earnings are unstable, but you can save some money and get rid of unnecessary things.

Rental of Things

Think about it – maybe what you have is in high demand. You can rent photo equipment, beautiful clothes, accessories for photoshoots, and much more. Income – on average from $10 for one thing (when renting for a day).

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Participation in Focus Groups

Many companies are looking for people to participate in a variety of research on testing products or services. They pay in different ways – up to $60. Good vacancies can be found on the Jooble site.

Participation in Medical Research

Testing new treatments or medications. A controversial method of earning money – you may be offered medications that have negative side effects. You can earn in different ways – on average from $30 to $70 per study.

Blood Donation

Here, you not only make a profit but also help people. Payment varies from the components that are given (you can donate plasma, blood, erythrocytes, leukocytes) and ranges from 8 to 45% of the subsistence minimum set in the region.

Earning on Hair

You can also sell your hair, which will later be used in the manufacture of wigs. You can earn from $15 to $200 at the same time – it all depends on the length of the hair.


Photographers and video makers often need ordinary people to shoot ads. By publishing your portfolio on the Internet, you will get a chance to find a part-time job as a model. The pay is not bad – from several thousand per shooting day.


If you agree to pose for several hours with students of art schools, you can earn good money. The figure can be different, the main thing is your desire.

Real Estate for Rent

A beginner in business can make money as an artist on real estate if he has a free apartment, house, or even garage. For example, the cost of daily rent of a one-room apartment is on average $20.