Hublot is one of the emerging luxurious Swiss watch brands worldwide. But this specific brand is slightly different from other giant watch brands such as Rolex, Omega, Patek Phillippe, etc. You must hear about the famous Hublot watches if you love watches. It is one of the world’s most talked about and controversial watch brands. 

They follow an exceptional concept of fusion, combining practicality and quality. In addition, their watches come with innovative designs and patterns, making them a luxury statement.

Hublot gained popularity in the shortest period because of its strong identity and impressive watch designs. However, continue reading if you are curious about investing in the Hublot watches.

The History of the Hublot

Carlo Crocco founded Hublot in 1980, and since then, this particular brand has gained a broader customer base. The primary mission of Hublot was to push every boundary when it comes to making watches. It is the youngest watch brand in Switzerland that is well-known for Hublot fusion. The central vision of Carlo Crocco was to combine Swiss Craftsmanship with refined Italian design. 

Crocco spent almost three years launching the first luxurious watch of his company that featured a natural rubber strap. The watch also came up with a typical porthole-shaped case. Then, the word ‘porthole,’ which translates as ‘Hublot’ in French, became the brand’s name.

First, however, Jean Claude Biver became the new CEO of Hublot in 2004. Then, in 2005, the genius Biver came up with a flagship collection of Hublot Big Bang, which was a massive hit.

Things An Individual Should Know Before You Invest In Hublot Watches

hublot watches

It is understandable that spending thousands of dollars on a new Hublot watch is a very serious decision. So, you must understand whether you should purchase their timepieces or not. Some people find the Hublot watch price expensive compared to its features. 

But, we cannot deny that they made the watches of Hublot with premium-quality materials and craftsmanship. It further makes them long-lasting and durable. Here, we will discuss why Hublot price is higher than other luxurious brands in the market. We will also closely examine the watches to understand whether the price is justified.

Exceptional Materials

The excellent Hublot watches are the masters and pioneers in material engineering. This particular brand uses high-quality and unique materials in all of its watches. Hublot uses unique material that no other brands in history used before. They initially collect traditional materials and then create brand-new composites of their own. They do it to make their watches stronger and better. 

For example, they not only use gold. Instead, they produced a new material called magic gold using carbon fiber and ceramic. They are the ones who first produced scratch-resistant gold timepieces.

The Hublot Spirits of the Big Bang is a great example of their innovative material engineering. This brand takes pride because of its unique watch materials that they named Hublonium. 

Quality of Craftsmanship

Its excellent craftsmanship is a great thing that sets the Hublot brand apart from other reputed brands. They testify to the quality of craftsmanship through the unique movements in their watches. The Unico movement is an excellent instance of their premium-quality craftsmanship. The level of accuracy, precision, and unique materials all are worth every single penny that they cost. 

Innovative Design

The unique design of every Hublot watch is a fine work of art, representing the art of fusion and innovative nature. The design of all Hublot classic watches begins from the paper design. Once they complete the paper design process, they move on to the watch movement for the concept. 

After finishing the movement, they concentrate on prototypes to test the functionality of their watches. The best part of the Hublot timepieces is that every design has a different story. All the watches are related to a particular event or a specific personality.

They showcase their innovation and unique design on their watch cases as well. Hublot maintains its distinctive trademark of visible ‘H’ and a sculpted body. So, if you are a watch collector, you must invest in Hublot watches because of their modern design

A Wide Range of Options

This big brand has developed a wide range of fantastic watch collections for every style. Therefore, it is an excellent investment for those who wish to have a premium watch with multiple functionalities. Their most popular collection is the Big Bang which first came to the market in 2005. However, some of their unique and innovative pieces are:

Spirit of Big BangThe Hublot Spirit of Big Bang is quite different from their collection because it does not feature a porthole case shape. Instead, it comes with a tonneau dial, mimicking the barrel’s shape. The watch comes in Magic Gold, Titanium, and Sapphire incarnations. They are available in vibrantly colored and diamond-encrusted designs as well.

Classic Fusion

hublot classic fusion

The Hublot Classic Fusion is another example of how the company is taking the watch design to the next level. All of the watches from this collection have innovative designs. It features expensive materials such as gold with an innovative approach to materials like rubber. This strong and incredible line of watches reinterprets classic sophistication. 


The unique collection of Hublot timepieces is a limited edition that lends a specific prestige to every watch wearer. So, wear Hublot timepieces if you wish to make a unique style statement that screams, ‘I have arrived.’

In addition, they have now come up with another advanced Hublot Ferrari watch with advanced features. So, looking at the uniqueness and modern features, they are worth every penny. However, it depends on whether you wish to spend an extra penny on this fantastic watch.