Logos are important for any business and customers recognize a particular brand only through Logos.

It requires a lot of creativity and hard work to create a well-designed logo that will create a long-lasting impact on your customers.

Your logo should communicate the quality of services offered by your company and is important brand identity. Logo design ideas are important in logo making business.

There are different categories of logo designs like brand shape logo, Icon-based logo, typography logo etc. You should choose the category of the logo for your brand based on your business requirements and target customers. Here are some awesome logo design ideas from enterprise software solutions.

1. Do your Research and Brainstorm Logo Design Ideas

When it comes to logo design, Strategy is a very important ingredient of the branding process, and you should do your market research thoroughly before coming up with the logo concept.

You should do some market analysis about your competitors and also study their logos to get some understanding of the branding conventions which exist in the present market.

Once you understand the market and customer requirements, you can start doing some rough drafts to brainstorm various logo ideas.

2. Use Custom Fonts and Typography

When it comes to logo design and branding, it is important to ensure that the image you create is completely unique and does not use the standard fonts.

Professional designers suggest the creation of a wordmark or logotype which is a text-only graphic with custom font created to represent a brand uniquely.

Logotypes can be of various styles, shapes and sizes, all created with an intention to clearly communicate the brand motives and vision to its target customers. Some designers suggest the use of beautiful, hand-drawn scripts for making the logo unique.

You can also use standard tools like Adobe Illustrator or FontStruct to create customized fonts according to your requirements.

There are also specialized tools for Font creation like FontLab studio, RoboFont, Glyphs etc. which are now gaining more traction with graphic designers.

3. Use Unique Colours to Reflect Brand Values

Experienced designers suggest that choosing the right colour palette is the crucial part of Logo design.

Each colour carries a unique meaning and signifies emotions that can be used to communicate the brand values to the target audience. You should also remember that a good logo design should be versatile and should look attractive in grayscale as well.

You should choose red and associated colours if your brand is related to energy and love. The red colour indicates emotions such as strength, determination, power, passion, love and desire.

Similarly, Orange represents emotions like sunshine, joy, happiness, attraction, enthusiasm, stimulation and encouragement. Green is the colour of nature which signifies freshness, growth, fertility, safety and harmony.

You can use green for your logo if your company is related to farming, agriculture, nature, safety, or any medical products. Blue is the colour of the sea and sky and we often associate it with stability and depth.

It personifies faith, trust, confidence, loyalty, heaven and wisdom. Pink is a colour associated with feminism, love and attraction. White signifies purity, cleanliness, innocence, light and goodness while Black symbolizes power, mystery, evil, death and elegance. Besides this white symbolizes calm and peace.

4. Find Ways to Make your Logo Unique-Important

Logo Design Ideas

Many experienced designers suggest that your logo should be completely unique to differentiate your brand from others. Kristoffer Howes, a design expert and CEO of Weal Media, suggests finding inspiration in things that make your brand different from others. His statement is as below,

“In today’s ultra-competitive business world, the only way you can stand out from your competition is to differentiate yourself through branding. The first step is to ascertain how your business is performing in the eyes of your customers and employees”.

You should study the latest design trends and avoid the cliché. The modern designs use the concept of instilling motion or adding a sense of activity to the logo. Some lazy designers use the same old ideas again and again which makes the logos completely unattractive and cringe-worthy.

Some standard design techniques like Arc over the top, Multi-coloured dots, Chat bubbles, Double-letter overlaps, and other basic archetypes should be avoided. Since they are cliché design ideas that have been already overused in the past. Therefore using such a design technique is an obsolete idea.

5. Best Logo design idea: Use AI-based tools for fastening the Design Process

The technology has grown by leaps and bounds, and there are several automated tools available in the market which can make your logo design process cheaper and faster.

These tools make use of Machine learning algorithms and Artificial intelligence to come up with your brand logo based on the inputs you provide.

For instance, Tailor Brands branding platform comes with a specialized Machine learning algorithm and by offering simple inputs like your Brand name, tagline, type and style of the logo you wish, you can get your logo and marketing materials designed instantly.

AI-based tools are faster and ten times cheaper than hiring a professional designer to create your logo. Such tools are a good choice for start-ups and small companies which do not have a large budget for branding.

6. Get Inspiration from Logos of Popular Brands

Get inspiration from existing big company’s logo Coca-Cola, Apple, and Nike which still remain unique. Also, they represent brands in an attractive way.

For instance, the Coca-Cola brand’s logo has its custom typeface which represents the brand uniquely. Apple’s logo is versatile and appears good in all colours including grayscale format.

Nike’s logo is also very simple and identifies the sports brand in an interesting way. You should study the different design principles adopted by such popular brands to get inspiration and ideas for your logo.

7. Keep it Simple

There is a popular saying that “Keep it simple stupid”. You should ensure that your logo design is not too complex for your target audience to understand. Try to adopt simple designs which will represent your brand clearly.

You must also think about proportion and symmetry while designing your logo and avoid bizarre shapes which will make the design complicated and difficult to interpret for the target customers. In other words, make the design of the logo simple and easy to understand.

Designing a good logo requires a lot of creativity, artistic skill, patience and deep insights. You can make use of the design ideas and suggestions above which are provided by expert designers to draw inspiration for your logo.