A social media manager has a lot of tasks to accomplish in a day. He or she can be a writer, strategist, designer, customer service representative, and analyst. Social media skills are a great help in all of these tasks. Take the time to learn the skills you need.

You’ll need both soft and hard skills to grow the page, get more likes on your Instagram posts, and engage your followers. Plus, if you work in social, you’re learning every day to grow in that profession. The better your skills get, the better your results are going to be. Below are the skills that every social media manager needs.

1: Communication

Social media is a communication platform. Therefore, as a social media expert, you need to have good communication skills to adapt to any type of persona, platform, and audience. On any given day, you may be required to do several things at once.

For example, you may be meeting with your team to solicit feedback, communicating with customers, creating a social listening analysis to share with your superiors, etc.

Join a trending topic to communicate effectively on social media, and communicate using videos, writing, emojis and stickers, as long as you share the message.

You can find some boAt products at an affordable price using boAt promo code. Find resources to improve your communication skills. TED Talks, for example, are a great platform to learn from experts how to improve conversations, tell stories, and communicate digitally.

2: Customer Service

Customer service is another essential skill for working in social media. It combines interpersonal skills, customer service, and an eye for opportunity discovery. As a social media manager, you’ll need to develop a customer care strategy on social.

Additionally, many consumers like to contact a brand’s customer service department to ask questions or voice concerns. Therefore, you need to be responsive to concerns, praise, and requests. Customer service is also responsible for organizing celebrations for their customers.

Remember, you are your brand’s biggest cheerleader, and if you understand customer support, you can make a positive impact. Find resources to improve your customer service. Look for a podcast that will help you learn more about understanding customers.

3: Agility

Social media platforms evolve quickly, and the best-laid plans quickly become useless. That’s why it’s important to be agile as a social media manager. Reacting to a new opportunity, hot topic, or crisis is an essential social media skill.

If you are agile, you can respond to a grateful fan or frustrated customer in a personal and empathetic way. Also, make sure you are agile in your long-term strategy. As a social media manager, try out different tactics and adapt to new tactics to meet the changes in the business. And listening to feedback, both internal and from customers, will help you become an agile manager.

Available resources include the Twitter Trends sidebar, Google Alerts to stay on top of company mentions, a calendar to schedule your content, and vacation reminders.

4: Copywriting

The heart of communication is the written word. There are other skills that can help you get your message across on social media. But writing skills are essential. With these skills, you can also learn to become a good writer. Learn how to combine captions with business images to tell a story and appeal to audiences in today’s world.

A writer can find ways to appeal to different audiences in writing. This is also a great advantage when communicating with executives. The ability to express yourself clearly in emails, presentations, and strategies leaves a lasting impression. Tools you can use to improve your writing include Grammarly and Hemmingway Editor, among many others available.


In summary, many other social media skills are essential. But the ones above are essential. There are others you can learn, including creativity, organization, efficiency, digital and traditional marketing, and data analysis skills, among others. The social career path requires continuous learning, and you need to get better at every step. So, consider the weakest skills you have, and develop them to be better.

Once you master them, you open the doors to the next step in your career. Therefore, work on all your skills to improve them. This way, you will see an improvement in your management of social media platforms.