The Android telecom server is additionally known as is capable for overseeing calls on an Andoird device counting SIM, VIOP, Taste, and others. But, what is, and how does it work? Let’s know a bit about Android telecom administration.

Without the administrations, we would never be able to form any call. The com android server telecom is basic to your device because it empowers you to formconclude, and oversee calls on the gadget. It is comparable to the app which permits sending and getting media records.

Many people don’t know that to maintain the calling function on the android device, there is a system that manages the whole operation, known as android server telecom or

Yes, it very useful feature in every android device because it will manage the calling function, starting from the network to calling and storing the information.

It is an in-built function that always comes with every android device, and it will manage the sim-based calls and VOIP calls. It needs a telecom framework that manages everything and provides the connection between the two people.

In this article, we explain everything about that will help you deal with it. So let’s begin the journey.

What is

what is

Many people don’t know how the whole android OS is working or how everything is managed from a call, images, and videos. So for your information, many functions make any android device into a mini-computer. Today, we will know about the android.server.telecom, which manages the whole conversation scenario.

Various parts of these whole functions will explain to you how the whole call function works below.

Functions of


This function is responsible for incoming and outgoing calls. If someone is calling or the user is calling someone, this function displays the name and other details on the screen.


The main function of Call.details is to fetch the caller data from the database of the android system and dialing the Call to the other person. The name call.details explain itself that it will call and provide details of the caller.


The Call.Recall function will create the route for the Call or rerouting the path for the Call. So the user can establish the connection with the Call and have a smooth conversation. Before establishing the Call, creating a path that will give a one-to-one call connection is very important.


This function stores all the data related to a call. It starts from caller id to IP address, and the Call is muted for how long, or it is on hold or how many minutes the Call goes on, and more details. It also has call recording information from start to end.


Well, this function with Call.Recall and hold the redirection information. If the call is diverted to another number, then this information can be found on CallRedirectionService only.


Well, this special function works for incoming Calls. It will work with Call and call.details and display the details of the caller. If any blocked contact number tries to call, it will also show the details of that caller.


Like the name, this function holds all the details about the conference calls and how many people are added when connected, the duration of time, and when the calls disconnected. Also, from where people are connected and what they are talking about. Well, all this information won’t be leaked to anyone without the permission of the police.


Yes, it will work with the above function and store all the data related to the conference calls.


If you’re going to do a video call, then this function will store the details of that video call. It doesn’t count the social media video calls like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or others. Now you can find features of video calls with normal call function as well. You don’t have to go with any app.


This function explains all the technical details about the call disconnection. For example, the person disconnects the Call, the Call is disconnected due to the network, or the connection won’t establish due to being out of the area, the number is switched off or in a flight mode. It can be anything. So it will explain every detail about it.


We can say that it is the supervision section of all other functions. All the functions related to the Call will work under InCallService. So we can say that it is a supervisor function.


It is the place where all the contact details were stored. So when the user wants to connect with anyone, they can do it easily.


You can see all these status hints in a call history where they show receiving calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, and so on. Here you can check the number of outgoing and incoming calls of the number.

video profile

Well, it maintains the record of the video calls, like the number of people and duration.


This function will check the quality of the camera and the people used to join on the video calls their path and other things.

Alternatives of

It is much better not to uninstall or remove this app from the OS because it will manage the whole calling function. If you try to remove it, it may cause some dysfunction to your android device, and it will not be good and hard to manage the whole call function. But there are some alternatives that you can use to manage the whole So let’s get into it.


Oh yes, it is the most popular app in the market right now. Every country is supporting it, and Truecaller has so many features that will shock you. It has the best tracking features, a user-friendly flash messaging option, and detects the number if the number is not in the contact list.

It has a free and paid version, and android users can get lots of benefits from this app. In Asian countries like India, Truecaller is quite popular, and most people rely on this app.


If you search on the Google Play store about Android server telecom, you can find many apps related to the same service, but only a few are trustworthy. That’s why we add Eyecon to the list so people can easily trust it and give it a try. Yes, it is not so popular as Truecaller, but the IT section people know about this app. Apart from this, the app has a virtual caller id detection feature where the user gets the user’s picture to remember it.


Many people also suggest the Dialer app because it detects the callers, but users can also download the data on their phone for future reference. If a user wants, they can change the theme whenever they want to be to give a new look to the app, and the T9 dialer option makes the search contact very easy.


The android server telecom framework is very important for every android device, and it is much better to not uninstall or remove it from the phone. Otherwise, it will create chaos on your device, which is hard to solve.

Apart from this, the above alternative is the best, and users can trust them blindly. Yes, they collect your data too, but the user can choose the free or paid version and enjoy it. If you have any questions or suggestions, then let us know.

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