Information Technology (IT) is a field that grows ceaselessly every year. The catalyst for this explosive growth is new, exciting, and cutting-edge technological advancements that emerge each year.

As a result of this massive growth, the demand for IT employees has skyrocketed. If you check out an updated salary comparison, you will find that the IT field—as well as tech-related roles as a whole—is lucrative, in-demand, and growing rapidly.

Information Technology is perfect for people who are interested in coding and problem-solving. If that sounds like you, perhaps you should pursue a profession in the IT sector.

There are many job profiles available in this field of IT. In this blog, we will look at the top 5 Information Technology jobs, their profiles, nature, scope, etc.

Why choose the IT field?

Is technology a good career path? IT professionals work in an organization to maintain their IT infrastructure and help the company’s clients by providing assistance in troubleshooting and offering digital services.

It is one of the evolving fields and it also provides a high income. This field provides great career opportunities for people good at programming. It always aims at making people’s lives better and creating solutions for real-world problems.

Nowadays, almost all fields implement technology to advance their growth. Industries such as agriculture, journalism, real estate, transportation, manufacturing, and entertainment use technology for improving their work.

How to find an IT job?

Like every other job, you have to be first educated and hold a degree. Holding a bachelor’s degree in computer science increases the chances of getting hired. However, you can also start your career without formal education in the computing field and you have to be well knowledgeable on your own.

Many leading technology organizations provide certification courses in technology and programming using which you can equip yourself with the necessary skills. Having prior experience or projects that are relevant to this field will help you get the job easily.

Information technology jobs

The following list will provide you with the top 5 information technology jobs that have better career scope and provide a good income. They are

1. Computer programmer

This job primarily includes writing codes and testing them for software applications. These professionals will take ideas from the developers and make them into real-life problems. Computer programming professionals need to know programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc. Computer programmers also create computer software using languages such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

This is one of the greatest entry-level jobs that provide a median salary ranging around $84,000. People who hold a Bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science and have relevant internships and certifications have a high chance of getting hired for this job.

2. Web developer

It is one of the best jobs in the field of information and technology that provides the highest median salary. The primary role of this job is to create and design websites. Web developers have to take responsibility for managing the technical aspects of websites including the visual appeal, layout, and performance.

People who have a bachelor’s degree in IT or an associate degree in the field of web development are the most suitable for this role. You can also get this job by developing your web designing skills by taking certificate programs or undergoing some self-paced training.

3. DB or Database Administrator

Database management is becoming more and more important for an organization that needs to maintain, track and organize data effectively. DB administrators are not involved in the actual creation or development of any software, but they are responsible for managing the database software.

They use DB software to effectively organize, store and implement data. The data should be available whenever needed and to whoever asks for it from an organization.

A database administrator of an organization usually works with managing the financial and customer data. For instance, a DB administrator in a sales company works in maintaining a database and helps the sales representative in accessing the customer’s purchase-related data such as previous orders, purchase patterns, and the budget.

DB software would also need to work with diagnosing and solving complex issues in the IT field related to data infrastructure. They need to ensure whether the company’s data is safe, easy to navigate, and accessible by the employees.

A database administrator should hold a bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science or a degree in management information systems. People before getting this job can start their career either as DB analysts or working with data collection and managing network databases.

4. Software developer

Software engineers or software developers use their knowledge of maths and computer science for developing or improving new software systems. They can work in creating various kinds of software such as enterprise applications, network control systems, and operating systems. They help in developing a company to manage the IT infrastructure by developing useful software for it.

Some software developers work with creating system-level software. These kinds of software are useful in numerous industries such as military, medical, industrial, and scientific organizations. In this field, you will have to work on the specific requirements and create software according to that.

People having bachelor’s or master’s degrees in computer science are the best option for this role. If you want this role, you have to be well-skilled in computer science, engineering, mathematical, problem-solving skills, and also in programming languages. This role offers a median salary ranging up to $1,10,000

5. IT Security Specialist

IT Security specialists are the professionals who work to maintain the digital security of an organization. They work to create and maintain protective measures to prevent a company’s intellectual property breach. They also tell what to do next when the information gets hacked. They also troubleshoot whenever problems arise.

Their main aim is to protect the company’s data from unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. They carry out the steps for investigating the security violations and implement the adaptation of security software to prevent data loss.

A Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field or professional certification is necessary to get into this job. Courses offered by the Information Systems Security Certification Consortium will help you in getting this job.


Choosing the right job for you according to your qualification is important to lead a great professional life. We have seen the various Information Technology jobs that provide a good median salary and each of them has different roles and tasks to perform.

We have also learned about the requirements for getting those jobs. Apart from IT, there are other jobs too from where one can earn good money as a person can also provide law coursework writing service UK.