The yuletide season, events, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, etc., would probably drive most people to the store and gift shops to grab the most expensive items! Everyone does this at a point in their lives and not because they are obligated to.

We all exercise the habit of giving expensive gifts to people close to our hearts because we see it as a way to express and make them understand how special they are.

Funny enough, there is a shocking twist to the widely inculcated behaviour! The irony of it all is that the most expensive gifts do not always communicate our emotional intentions at most times! Instead, the most unique or exemplary items, if we should say, get the job done.

Many DIY concepts have evolved from just simply random attempts to a global trend! But first, what does the acronym DIY mean?

You could have stumbled on this abbreviation quite a few times at a minimum, and you might have as well pondered what it could interpret.

The word DIY, when expanded, simply means “Do it yourself.” So when we talk about DIY, something tasking should always be attached. And here is where we discuss the concept of making your own gifts with wax melt.

The phenomenal thought that comes to your mind when you hear about “wax” is “candles.” Yes, candles may be nearly the most common product of wax, truthfully, but there are also other sources and products of wax.

As long as it is a DIY job, it stands to tell a lot about you when you finally get to give it out. So it is expected that one gives his all and applies uttermost creativity.

Getting this done isn’t a difficult job at all; you only have to be well equipped with the necessary details and guidelines on how to make your own gifts with wax melts.

Materials needed: a cling/chopstick, thread, glass jar (heatproof), metal template, melting pan, perfume oil, thermometer, and a pack of soy wax or Gel wax.

Irrespective of how unique your DIY idea may be, these are all the basic items needed to make your own gifts with wax melts.

For example, your DIY idea can be making a special candle, scented candles, candles with floral petals, treasure implanted candles, a special item with a unique shape, etc.

  1. To start with, get a preferably smooth, flat, and clean surface to work on. Your working space needs to be broad enough to accommodate all your items. It also needs to be spot clean to avoid your wax picking up unwanted materials and denting the finishing of your DIY wax melts.
  2. The second thing you need to do is measure and know the amount of wax needed to fill up your jar or templates in a solid form. Then you can double the measurement to give you the perfect quantity.
  3. Pour the measured solid wax into your melting pan and apply heat. The wax needs to be heated at a fairly high temperature till it is melted.
  4. After the wax has been melted, you can leave it to cool down to a minimum temperature of 140 degrees. Then you can add a few drops of your perfume oil and mix it well to give it a unique scent. Perhaps you want a brightly coloured or differently shaded result; you can add your colour hues to taste.
  5. Prepare your glass jar or template. Make sure it is sparkling clean to give you the best results. For your candles, you can now put your thread in place right at the centre of the jar. Proceed to hold it in place with the help of the cling as you fill the jar with the liquid wax.
  6. To include your floral petals or bury your little treasures/expensive items, you can gently put them in place as you fill your jar or template. Please note that it is best to use a Gel wax for these types of designs to have a neater and more transparent product.

Afterward, leave your wax melts to solidify, and then you have successfully made your gifts with wax melts.