A mantelpiece and fireplace area is the focal point of any room. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or any room, they can drastically change the look of any space. So, make this cozy place even more attractive with the right decor.

Simple updates in these areas can significantly improve the vibes of your room. Surprise yourself and your guests with this update. So, make your Mantelpiece Attractive With These Easy Upgrades. Let’s have a look!

Pair it With Wall Arts

wall arts

As the room’s focal point, the wall art goes very well with the mantlepiece. One brilliant idea is to hang a medium-sized wall art just above the mantelpiece. Or, you can create a grid or align three wall arts to the adjacent wall.

Mantelpieces have a vintage notion; something about them is royal, ancient, and rich. So, pair it with something that resonates with its vibe, like a beautiful native American painting, which will look extraordinary. The warm colors, art, texture, and layering of the walls will make your focal point even more attractive and welcoming.

Hang an Ornate Mirror

Visualize an oval or rectangular ornate mirror over the mantelpiece with the right accessories. It looks so vintage, classic, and beautiful. You can easily add frames to your regular frameless mirror in a local shop. 

Also, you can paint the frame with metallic colors for a perfect vibe. Mirrors look very pretty and reflect light in darker areas making your place look big and cheerful. So, revamp the mirror now. Also, place some decorative items along to create a balance.

Keep Greenery With Plants

You can keep small plants over the mantel rest. You can opt for succulents, fresh flowers, and small indoor plants. They need little to no maintenance and look very pretty. In addition, they purify indoor air and shower positivity. So, bring in stunning house plants and pot them in pretty potters. Pair them with photo frames or other interesting showpieces.

Give it a Gothic Touch With Candle Holders and Crow Figures

candle holders

Give your mantlepiece a Halloween touch with golden glass frame candle holders, and place lots of candles inside it. Now, put crow figures and other interesting artifacts along with it. It gives perfect Halloween vibes and sets the mood for fall. You can also keep a hanging rug to add depth.

Prepare the Mantelpiece for Christmas

Give your cozy mantlepiece a quick upgrade with Christmas. The festive time and holidays demand many decor updates, and mantle pieces should never be ignored. First, you can hang a wreath, place bells, and hang socks on the mantelpiece.

Also, you can place decorative pines and green foliage to bring in Christmas’s white and red theme. Then, just beside the mantle piece, decorate the Christmas tree. Next, hang balls and bells and keep lots of gifts. This pairing will look stunning and set the mood for the vacation season. Finally, you can place some cotton balls to give snow effects. 

Try Some Boho Vibes

To pull some boho vibe, you can transform the mantle piece beautifully. First, keep an old wooden frame leaning over the mantelpiece wall. Then hang macrame hangings. Palace pots that have macrame covers. 

Now, you can add some string lights, add lots of pots and macrame hanging and paint the mantelpiece white. Palace photo frames over it. In addition, you can place a chair along with white and black cushions. The pairing looks quite cozy and perfect for winters.

Bonus Tips

Before upgrading the mantelpiece, give it a good clean-up. You can repaint it, check for repairs and then start with renovation. All the decor upgrades are quite affordable and look ravishing. Add a mix and match of elements, and your focal point will look eye-catching!