Dong diving deep into men’s outerwear, we discover many classic staples that often have a rich history behind them. Smoking jackets are one of them.

Describe luxury and absolute rest, smoking jacket has come a long way to become semi-formal articles of clothes. This blog will define a smoking jacket and explain how it gained popularity in the fashion world.

A smoking jacket is one of those wardrobe essentials that improve one’s taste (even wealth). Then, because of this, how it started and was prepared as a dress worn by rich men in the evening after work. Read to know about the history, types, and contemporary styles of a smoking jacket.

What is a Smoking Jacket?

The magazine, back to a popular publication in the day, defines smoking jacket in one of its 1850 issues. He said that a smoking jacket is a kind of short ruby ​​de chamber, velvet, cache, plush, merino, or printed flannel, bright colors, jewelry with Brandenburg, olive, or large buttons.

A smoking jacket is a loose-made jacket, which is like close one shot, but a lounge is cut like a jacket. Its fit is usually more comfortable than Blazer or a suit jacket.

When it was born it was made of velvet with a quilted shawl collar, button, and a tie belt to speed up the waist. The jacket length is slightly longer than a tuxedo jacket or a suit jacket. This is usually the length of the middle thigh.

Not only velvet but the smoking jacket can also be made from silk and satin. Collars and cuffs can be made with either satin or silk, in a controversial color or simple.

Fasting on the waist is an important feature of this jacket, which varies in the form of buttons, toggles, frogs, or belts. A smoking jacket is definitely one step from the shot and is more stylish than homes.

In British men’s fashion, the Tax jacket is actually declared the smoking jacket instead of most overcoat that we are discussing here.

When smoking, these jackets were wearing normal clothes so they can be safe from smoke and stains. All the smell will be taken instead of outerwear, and it will not be damaged clothes (which was used again very expensive).

It is important that it is best to absorb the velvet strong tobacco smell, and do not provide the same level of absorbing jackets made with silk or satin.

Another function that served these jackets was to keep the wearer warm because the residence did not have heating and appropriate insulation in this period.

History of the Smoking Jacket

Like many men’s clothes like the bomber jacket and thief coat, which started as an active dress and has a history of the date behind it.

In the middle of 1800, tobacco consumption was very common. After returning from work, men are used to smoking pipes and cigarettes, and their strong dirty clothes and arms are absorbed. Not only did the boats but also weakened in the stains of tobacco, falling ash, and to burn too. Protecting expensive clothes to protect the smoking mens leather jackets in 1850.

When they were born first, these men’s leather jackets were mostly used by dead men and can be worn out of the house. In 1865, Prince Edward VII Prince Edward VII made a popular cigarette jacket to design a blue silk jacket to his Henry Polly and company trees, in which they can wear comfortable to stay comfortable.

After many decades, thanks to the smoking jacket trend, thanks to the icons like Frank Sentra, Dan Marin, and Kerry Grants, who used to wear it? Playboy Magnate Hugh Hefner is also credited to bring these men’s leather jackets to the spotlight.

On this day, the smoking jacket is now considered to wear black-tie appropriate clothes, such as brands like Louis Viton sell as this highly fashionable piece.

Vintage Smoking Jackets 

If you have a good for retro-style clothes and to collect items like vintage leather jackets and classic bags, you must add an old-style smoking jacket to your collection.

After purchasing an old jacket with authentic style, make sure that there are no longer, burning marks, or stains that are stubborn. The oldest smoking jackets will come with premium quality velvet or brocade with a sash and quilted collar.

Victorian Smoking Jackets 

A Victorian-style men’s leather jacket is made of heavy wool or merino wool and has a traditional black shawl lapel. The victorian smoking jacket is the maximum knee length with most tie belts or frog fast.

Edwardian Smoking Jackets

Your Edwardian Wardrobe cannot be completed without a silk smoking jacket with short shawls. It’s like a tuxedo jacket and is suitable for semi-formal dresses. These are typically three buttons, so you usually apply the rules to speed up the suit button.

Japanese smoking jackets

Like the dressing robot, the Japanese smoking jacket is made with bright colors, prints satin silk, and a belt that is high speed. Japanese smoking jackets fall into an informal category, so you can use one for the work for which it started.

Style of smoking jackets

As described above, contemporary smoking jackets are made with different materials and are different in style due to collar, cuff, fit, and speed. There are three most popular types of smoking jackets:

Velvet smoking jackets

Authentic and luxurious, velvet smoking jackets offer an unprecedented comfortable beauty. They have generally wasted satin collar lapels, but are not even unusual with simple satin collar and cuff. Velvet plush feeling it can be worn at home in Syria.

Silk smoking jackets

Smoking jackets made with silk look a wonderful look, so if lapel is in bright colors. Hug Hoffer’s signature is used to be smoking jackets silk, which is one of the reasons this material has been popular. If we talk about its functionality for smoking smell, it is definitely not to velvet level but still works fairly. 

Satin Smoking Jackets

Another luxury dress used to make smoking jackets is satin. Satin is a fine solid that makes the harmony men’s leather jackets extremely comfortable to wear and makes the smoking jacket feel unhealthy.

Smoking jackets made of satin and silk can be plain or printed.

Modern smoking jackets

If we talk about the modern completion of the smoking jackets, almost all of them are less and more structured, so they are considered suitable for semi-formal or cocktail dresses.

As they are not used for practical purposes, manufacturers pay the very attention to their aesthetics. Call for the dresser dresses you can wear on these occasions, maybe at a blazer or place of your dinner jacket.


Despite being designed purely for function, smoking jackets have found their way into modern fashion, particularly in dressier styles. Finally, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the smoking jacket guide. Tell us whether you think the resurgence of these jackets is a good thing or a bad thing.