Wedding season is here, people! And it is the perfect time for you to showcase your styling skills. Let that inner fashionista out and put an outstanding outfit together. We know you can!

Putting an outfit together is a task in itself. It requires patience and numerous rounds of going to the market or spending hours looking for that perfect attire. Even if you picked your dream outfit, the job doesn’t end there. You then set out to look for matching jewelry and footwear. Too much to do, right?

After all, getting all these things, you might miss out on one thing— HAIR! Your hair is a crucial part of your look, and it can instantly transform your look from drab to fab. If you pick the wrong hairstyle, your complete look will go the other way round, and you wouldn’t want to.

So, do not put off looking for that perfect hairstyle! And during your search, you might even stumble upon some pretty hair jewelry you would want to incorporate in your look.

Now that we’ve persuaded you to look for that perfect hairstyle, we would like to share our favorite latest hairstyles girls should pay attention to for this wedding season.

The list contains something for every hair length—long, short and medium, so we’ve got you covered, girl!

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Let’s begin!

1. Curly hair with a beautiful floral tiara!

This hairstyle is effortlessly beautiful, and you would be grabbing all the attention if you picked this one. And the best part about this hairdo? Anyone with a decent length of hair can do this one!

Just make sure you pick the tiara matching your outfit!

2. A clean bun with gajra!

This hairstyle in saree is much loved by girls because it is gorgeous! Hair pushed back in a gajra is an evergreen, safe hairstyle, and you can never go wrong with this one!

3. Bubble braid!

This hairstyle is inspired by Princess Jasmine, and we know you would look no less than a princess if you picked this one.

A style tip- Try this hairstyle with a gown! You would look drop-dead gorgeous.

4. Multiple braids and curly hair!

If you think braids can’t be worn to a wedding, we would like you to think again. This hairstyle not only has one but three braids, and it looks beautiful! Don’t forget to use hair accessories because this hairstyle looks best with it.

5. Messy wavy hairstyle for short hair!

Short hair girls, this hairstyle is for you! This ‘messy’ hairstyle doesn’t really look messy but effortlessly pretty. So, take inspiration from Yami Gautam and give this one a try this wedding season.

6. Flower Styled Bun

If you are bored of the sleek buns, take it up a notch by making your bun just like a flower. You can style them in rose-like form or small protruding petals.

7. Bun with one-sided braid

This is a simple yet eye-catching style. You can put tiny beads in your braid and surround your bun with flowers to add extra sparkle. If you’re looking for a hairstyle in a saree, this might be the one for you!

8. Semi-open Bun

While getting ready, one might be confused, whether to keep the hair open or tie them neatly. Luckily, this hairstyle got you all covered. The semi-open bun looks good on both medium and long hair.

9. Braided Bun

We’ve talked about both— buns and braids. Now, how about we mix both of them? A bun of braided hair will surely make all the heads turn. To make the bun look a little less stiff, you can take out some small hair strands and make it look messy and natural.

10. Loop Braid

Have a gown to wear? Try this hairstyle for gown. It is a breathtaking and elegant hairstyle that can make you feel like a princess. You can wear this hairstyle on all occasions—small or big and look just as amazing!