Suits are symbols of sophistication for men globally; however, when it comes to selecting the right suit, most men find they’re in need of some guidance.

Whether they pair their suits with men’s cufflinks from the UK or go for a more minimalist approach, finding a quality suit is far from easy. As a result, doing your homework to get your hands on the best suit for you is a must.

For instance, it’s not just about the suit’s appearance; it’s also about what the suit is for and how often you’re going to wear it.

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Detailed below are the key styles of men’s suits. 

The Dinner Suit

First up is the dinner suit, which is one that’s associated with luxury. As a result, dinner suits are to be reserved for black-tie events and other special occasions. The term dinner suit refers to a garment that consists of trousers with a satin stripe down the out seam and a matching fitted jacket with satin peak lapels.

This suit style initially gained prominence in the mid-nineteenth century, and it has largely remained the same, aside from a few evolutions. Since the early days of the dinner suit, it has always been reserved for special occasions, so this isn’t the one to wear in the office.

The Bespoke Suit

As the name suggests, bespoke suits are made from scratch for the individual, meaning they can take any form or shape. Moreover, they can be crafted from any material; it’s all about what the wearer wants from the suit.

Typically speaking, bespoke suits are designed with an occasion in mind, which will be a huge influencer over which type of suit is created. When opting for a bespoke suit, communication is key. The wearer must be able to communicate what they expect from the suit, and the tailor must be able to communicate what they’re able to deliver. 

The Double-Breasted Suit

Double-breasted suits are among the most elegant of suits, which is why they’re often opted for by those who require something unique.

A double-breasted suit consists of a front-fastening double-breasted jacket that wraps your frame, as well as a pair of trousers and a jacket. Double-breasted suits are typically cut shorter than single-breasted designs, and the buttoning tends to be higher.

As a result, the wearer is left with more sculptured and broader-looking shoulders. As with dinner suits, double-breasted suits should be reserved for formal occasions only, such as parties and awards evenings. 

The Three-Piece Suit

The three-piece suit is the second most popular suit type on the list, and the name is fairly self-explanatory. A three-piece suit consists of three garments, including a waistcoat, pair of trousers, and a jacket. With the addition of the waistcoat, the three-piece suit is perceived to be dressier than the two-piece.

Similarly, they’re a great way of introducing additional layers during the winter months. Even if it’s not too cold out, though, three-piece suits are the ideal option for important meetings, weddings, races, and more. The three-piece is truly a classic. 

The Two-Piece Suit 

Last but certainly not least is the two-piece suit, which is the most popular of all the suit styles. A two-piece suit simply consists of a pair of trousers and a jacket, making it the ideal all-rounder. Not only is the two-piece suit versatile, but it’s also timeless.

Whether you’re at work or off to a party, a two-piece suit is your friend. Similarly, having two-piece suits in a number of colors means you’re ready for almost any occasion. You can’t go wrong with a two-piece suit.