Education plays a massive role in a student’s life. Good quality education helps in the formation of one’s character, mind, body, and soul.

It teaches the important virtues such as humbleness, strength, truthfulness, tolerance, and sacrifice in an individual.

It will help one see the development of a sense of righteousness, to see what is wrong and what is right. It should be the role of the entire learning management system to set up a system of importance to both theoretical and practical learning.

Most of the time we are taught to learn without a firm grasp on the concept. To mug for exams is not the right approach to study a particular topic.

One can make use of both online apps called classroom apps and in-house classroom learning. The advantage of such apps is that there are certain audio-visual tools that one can use easily. It is a powerful tool that can easily be helpful to teachers. They can make use of it to briefly tell the different concepts effectively.

It is extremely needed that children have a fair understanding of a variety of concepts as it will help them easily and smoothly in the process to follow tasks and be particular about the concept and what they are actually talking about.

When one develops the topic or concept then they can be better at following the instructions at their house, at early classes, and in the school environment.

As students go on to study for higher education, they should be able to apply the knowledge that they have gained. Conceptual understanding enables them to relate to what students have learned and then use it to grasp a new topic or concept.

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It can help a student and the teachers both to develop a deep understanding of how the topics interconnect with each other and build the understanding that will encourage them throughout their education and career.

The main advantage of practical learning is that it engages students and develops important skills. It helps students to learn and recall things clearly.

In the present world, there are many learners who do not know what they should do with their careers because they do not have any practical knowledge and are always relying on the theoretical classes they attend.

We should understand the need for practical learning at an early age. Students should be given a choice of learning with real-life situations. So that they analyze and observe the situation and learn from it.

Aristotle once said that in order to do any task we have to learn how to do it before we can do the task. When we do it we learn how to do the task.

Practical learning can be done in a number of ways. Here are some of the ways it can easily be attained and made a reality.

Using the Mental Association Method

The images such as colours, fonts, synonyms, and word associations are extremely useful and helpful tools to learn a particular concept and understand it, instead of just grasping it.

It is said that we are visual creatures. Images affect us more. A large part of our human brain connects itself to visual processing. The love that we have of the images remains with our cognition or reasoning ability to give attention. Images make us able to take our attention easily, and we are suddenly drawn to them.

Ask questions more and more

Answering and asking questions is a very essential or important part of one’s learning. It helps one go into the depths of questions.

When we ask questions we do it in order to learn more knowledge about something, and then when we answer questions we are provided with more information. Then it becomes easy to answer the questions. Conceptual knowledge becomes easy then and more fun and engaging. Asking questions, therefore, is important.


Knowledge plays a major role in anyone’s life. It is important to make one’s concept clear and supplement it with extra knowledge. Asking questions makes the task very easy. One can make use of images to learn a concept in an in-depth manner and remember it for a long time.