Not kidding but if you’ve got boredom in your life at times, you are privileged. Well, there are people out there who don’t even get a 5 minutes coffee break from their annoying bosses. So, mate, if you’ve got free time and are bored, it’s time to thrill! It’s time to try out some exciting things when bored!

Not that you need to strictly make the best out of your free time but it’s just that you need to take a ‘break’ from stress in that time. You need to kind of ‘live in the moment’ plus ‘try out something mind-blowing’ and subsequently enjoy!

Haven’t you heard – life is short? Well, that’s a little too dramatic but that does motivate you to ooze out boredom and dullness. So, just don’t waste your time contemplating over what things to do in boredom because the list is down there! Just roll your eyes below and gear up to kill boredom and embrace joy!

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do When Bored

Okay, some of these following activities might be indoor while some maybe outdoor. So, try them out according to your convenience. But hey, don’t stop at one or two, just keep on having fun! Maybe you could convert your few hours of boredom into an entire day of excitement and joy. What do you think?

1. A Road Trip Always Works!

Sometimes, we just need to get out! And when it comes to getting out and seeking fresh air, nothing’s better and more exciting than a ROAD TRIP. The long roads, unexpected halts, delicious new food items, the soothing music, and of course the people who make you happy, that’s all you need right.

road trip

So all you need to do is call upon your favourite people (it can be two of your best buddies or even your entire family), take a vehicle, and select a destination. Maybe, you can skip selecting the destination and make it more spontaneous or unpredictable. Just go where the road takes you and discover something new. Doesn’t it sound exciting and soothing at the same time?

2. Room Makeover

In case, it’s heavily pouring outside or there’s a curfew out there, or any such thing that’s forcefully stopping you from setting out – try a room makeover. Well, if not a room then maybe the entire home or even a corner of the home could be suitable. The whole point is to spread out cheerful vibes in your home and also within you. That’s one of the most loved things to do when bored at home.

All the girls out there, you must definitely be thinking of doing this one right? So, how do you start? Well, first browse for some ideas online. I would highly recommend taking the help of Pinterest, it’s the ultimate guide to creativity.

So once you get the ideas, you could add your personal inputs and changes to them depending on the availability of material available in your house. Then all you need to do is put on your favourite songs and execute the plan!

3. A Stress Bursting Me-Time

This is one of my favourite and most adorable things to do when bored – finding my me-time. This is the time when I forget about all the stress balls that life’s throwing at me and just get lost in my own world. It’s the time when I embrace myself.

It’s the time when you do your favorite activity. It could be a self-care skin routine or even a binging your favourite Netflix series with some chocolate ice cream. Basically, anything that would be engrossing and entirely relaxing.

Okay so that’s it from the side and I really anticipate that these 7 things to do when bored would help you kick off the dull period. All of these things instill fun and happiness in you. So all you need to do is pick one of them and implement it!

4. Planning A Day Out With Your Crazy Friends

Honestly, if you are under 20 and not a reserved introvert then ‘friends’ are definitely a big part of your life right now. And a day out with them would definitely be something that would fill in joy for you.

A random café, a movie theatre, a shopping mall, etc. are some of those fabled places to visit with your friends on a day of boredom. You could plan an entire day with a lot of intriguing activities to do with your friends. This not only eradicates your boredom but also brings an active spark to you.

The fun-loving, enthusiastic and talkative version of you may come out. Besides, your friends would love the fact that you are planning a day out with them.

5. Trying Out An Adventurous Activity

There might be some intriguing and exciting tasks on your bucket list that could definitely be tried now, in your boredom. Windsurfing, driving a bike, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, cliff jumping, etc. Like come on, you are not meant to spend your entire life in some boring office or school walls; you need to ‘live’ life enthusiastically.

adventurous activity

And if you have time then you should definitely use it to do something exciting, adventurous and something that you’ve tried before. That’s what life is all about – thrills and new experiences!

6. Never Have I Ever

If you are stuck with a bunch of people or a group of friends and are really bored, then ‘Never Have I Ever is the best game that could literally transform the boring vibes into exciting vibes. This is one of those most popular and fun-filled games that must definitely be played with your favourite people.

The best thing is you don’t even need a board or cards or any such extra item to play. All you need is a glass of drink or even water would work. So what happens in this game is that, first, all of the group members have a glass of drink in their hands. Then, one of the members says something that he has never done before by saying “Never Have I Ever…”

Then, anyone who has done that particular thing in his life must drink. Then the next person in the circle makes another statement and so on. This game unravels many secrets and rarely known facts about your friends eventually bringing in a lot of laughter, surprise, and fun!

7. Creating A Vision Board

If you feel like it’s time to do something productive in your free time then creating a vision board is one of the best things to do when bored.  We all have certain goals, aspirations, dreams, and plans in life, right? What if we cluster all of these into a board and place it right in front of the eyes 24/7?

This would not only keep us intact with our aspirations but also motivate us to work towards our goals. That’s exactly what a vision board does. So you could either stick pictures, write text or draw all of the things that you would want to achieve in life on this special board. And that’s it; your vision board is all ready and set to turn your dreams into reality!

Hope you have fun!