Technology in education is something Pear Deck wants to appreciate. Online courses and presentations may be held between students and professors using Pear Deck. Teachers and students may use Pear Deck’s numerous tools and resources.

Teachers must sign in and make a presentation before using these platforms. They may then invite their pupils via a URL they email them. Students must use the JoinPD code given by the teacher in the invitation link to sign up for Pear Deck. You will receive a thorough explanation of how to join any Pear Deck presentation in the article.

What exactly is joinpd Peardeck?

You may attend a presentation by visiting, inputting the code given to you, and using the JoinPD tool. Online lessons will be available to students and professors thanks to Pear Deck, the platform on which JoinPD was developed.

The teacher must provide a presentation after logging into their JoinPD account. You must then include the Peardeck code in an email sent to every student or person wishing to register at each location.

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Pear Deck is an engaging presentation tool that inspires students to engage in their social and individual learning actively. Teachers may create presentations they can share with their students using the presentation software with Google Drive accounts.

The Pear Deck app aims to support the growth of students’ healthy mental attitudes by building a feeling of community among users.

What is a Pear Deck?

Pear Deck is a presentation-making tool for use in schools. The purpose of this tool is to improve communication between professors and students. Teachers can present and provide a code to each of their students.

To join the presentation, students must enter the code using their Pear Deck accounts. Regardless of where they are, students can attend classes using this technology.

The learning that takes place on this fantastic platform is not only intellectual. With the help of this platform, students also develop their social and emotional skills while creating a sense of community.

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How to Sign Up for a Pear Deck Account

You must create an account on the website to use the Pear Deck Platform’s incredible features. Follow these steps to accomplish this: 

  • Connect your device to the internet 
  • Visit the Pear Deck official web page at the URL 
  • Click the “sign up free” link on the page’s top right. 
  • Connect by clicking on “Authorize”. 
  • Follow the setup instructions afterward, and sign in using your email address and password. 
  • If Pear Desk requests your permission, kindly grant it.

To create your account and enter your school’s postcode, follow the instructions on your screen. If you’re having trouble finding your school’s name, just type any five numbers in the critical area.

Pear Deck Login

Once you have created a Pear Deck account, you may join PD at any moment by logging into your account. Online classes and lesson extensions are available when signed into your account.

Additionally, you may use your smartphone to export your class data to Microsoft Excel. This account enables you to make presentations and invite participants. Learn how to sign into your account.

How to Login to Your Pear Deck Account

The steps listed below should help you access your PD account online:

  • On your device, launch a web browser and type into the address bar.
  • The page’s header will say “Teacher Login,” so click there.
  • Select either “Google” or “Microsoft” as your preferred login method.
  • You must enter your “username” and “password.”

You can log into your account on the learning website using this method.

Join Peardeck Code

Students can attend presentations or virtual classes in Perk Deck by entering the five-digit Join Peardeck Code (Join PD Code). The host of the course, often the instructor, is responsible for creating this code.

The host transmits the code to other people. Students can use this code to watch the presentation slides and participate in the teacher’s interactive session.

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How to Generate the Join Peardeck Code

The steps listed below can be used by any teacher who is hosting a class to obtain a Join PD code: 

  • First, they need to go to  
  • Then, they need to enter their presentation number in the required field. It’s a five-digit number that you were given during your session. 
  • It will result in the creation of the code. 

Remember that this code loses its validity four days after it is generated. After their students click the invitation link, you may send them an email inviting them to join the presentation.

How to Join a Presentation in Pear Deck – Joinpd Com

Teacher and host presentations are uploaded to when they are created. You will send the code to the students as soon as the teacher receives it. Following these steps will assist you in joining PD if you have received an access code.

  1. Visit using a device that can access the internet. 
  2. The top of the page has a “Join a Session” button; click it. 
  3. In the required field, enter the five-digit “access code.” 

You will be granted access to the presentation center if you enter the code correctly. To monitor students’ progress, teachers can prevent them from changing their answers after submitting them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a pear deck in Google Classroom?

It’s simple to create a Pear Deck in Google Classroom. Visit your dashboard at to accomplish this. “Invite them to access your class” by clicking the blue icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

You can then choose the group you want to invite from Google Classroom. Your screen will show your pupils’ names as soon as they sign in.

Who can use JoinPD?

Whether you are a teacher or a student, you may use Pear Deck. Besides building administrators, instructional coaches, librarians, media specialists, building administrators, consultants, and other administrators can also use the platform.

How Do I Join

To sign up for PD, go to the website and select “Sign up for free.” You’ll be sent to a screen where you can choose the kind of account you want to open. Additionally, allow Pear Desk to connect with your Google Drive account.

Does Pear Desk Have an App?

Yes, Pear Deck has a mobile app that functions like a website. On both Apple and Android smartphones, this software is available for download. With the help of the instructions in this tutorial, you may also create and join presentations using this software.