What should you do if your servers are unable to handle the volume of requests that come through and leave? Mentioned are the two ways of scaling web applications which you can choose from:

Vertical Scaling

When I refer to vertical scaling, I am referring to increasing the efficiency of the system through the addition of larger machines.

In the case of the example, you’re happy with the processing speed within your web application. To remedy this the best solution is to simply upgrade your server to an upgraded version.

As opposed to a server with 4GB memory that has 2 processors you should choose one that has 8GB of memory and four processors.

Vertical scaling can be described as the most efficient scaling method as it doesn’t require modifications to the web application that run on these systems.

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal scaling refers to the process of enhancing the performance of the system by adding additional machines.

In this instance, it is a 2GB server that has 2 processors. Add an additional one that has the same features. So, you now have two servers performing the same task simultaneously. The result is exactly the same: your system works better and is faster.

This approach to scaling is not easy as it needs a load-balancing element since requests need to be routed to different machines. They should follow the same logic and guidelines that do not conflict with one each.

It’s not easy to decide which method of scaling is the best, since everything is contingent on the specific product you’re developing timing-to-market, as well as your potential growth strategy. Be aware of this when you are getting in touch with  web design and development company.

Web Application Scalability Principles

way to scale web app

As we near the end of the road, here are three fundamentals you need to be aware of at the time you’ve decided to create websites that are scalable.

The App Runs Smoothly

Make sure that your application isn’t crashing or causing delays. Whereas, 47 percent of users are expected to have a minimum of two seconds to load an average site. Users don’t like waiting and so don’t give users the chance to go away from your site, particularly when you can solve the issue.

The App Is Now Available

It is crucial to have availability. If your product needs to be accessible 24/7 create it in a way that allows it to be running promptly in the event of a malfunction.

The App Is Simple to update

Your product must be user-friendly and easy to upgrade. The scalable code is one that can be kept up-to-date by constantly changing sets of eyes. Also, deployed across different platforms, and is well-organized to allow developers to look it up years later and be able to access it.


In terms of app performance, scalable internet architecture is crucial. In the most basic sense, the purpose of scaling web structure is to let the app run efficiently.

There are two main methods of scaling. It is important to choose one that is based on your product’s features, its time to market, and your growth plans.

The major advantages of scaling web architectures are the ability to handle more tasks. Also, maintain high performance with no slow response times.