When Disney+ launches on November 12, you’ll need to set up your Disney Plus account before you can start streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

Here’s how to do that with just a few quick steps! You can also log in using your Disney or ABC account credentials if you already have them set up on any other streaming service or device.

Step 1

Register for an account. After signing up for your free trial, you’ll be prompted to enter in some basic info, including your birth date and email address. This will be used to sign in whenever you come back. (Keep in mind that Disney keeps all of your information secure.)

There is no physical verification step beyond entering in an email address, which means people can create accounts with fake names—but you shouldn’t worry too much about it; no one will know who you are anyway until they’re invited to your private circles (more on that later).

So just pick something you think is real—or make one up if necessary—and proceed with checkout. Now you’re ready for step two!

Step 2

Enter your email address. Then click Sign up and you’ll get an email from DISNEY+ with a link where you can sign in (for more help on setting up, go here).

If you signed in with your DISNEY ID on Facebook or Google +, you’ll need to create a DISNEY+ account by providing us with your name, birth date, and email address. Be sure to provide valid information.

Once we’ve verified that your information is correct, we’ll send you a password and be ready for step 3! (For help: go here.) This completes step 2 of creating an account. Just follow steps 1 through 4 above!

Step 3

If you were able to set up your account, make sure you are logged in. If not, log in now. Once you’re logged in, it’s time to enter your pin number. Just like with any other online bank or financial institution, it is imperative that you don’t forget your password or pin number.

You can actually refer back to step 1 if needed. Once done, head over to step 4! Take a deep breath and exhale. Congrats on getting through Step 3! Even though most of us have been through processes such as these many times before, they still involve a fair amount of nervous energy and excitement, so taking a break from typing for a few minutes here will probably be good for your stress levels.

Relax for a bit, have something cool to drink, or chow down on some fresh fruit if you’re feeling hungry – then come back refreshed and ready to start Step 4: Review payment method information.

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Step 4

Navigate to your favorite streaming device app or open a web browser. Choose from over 40 fan-favorite Marvel films and television series as well as five original Marvel series. In addition, there will be thousands of episodes from our ABC portfolio.

From hit shows like The Bachelor and Grey’s Anatomy, live sports with ESPN+, including Major League Baseball and college football games, news programming from around the country, including ABC News and Nightline, as well as a lineup of originals that offer bold new stories about life today.

Follow along with our step-by-step instructions below! After you have verified your account details by logging in or creating a Disney Plus account online.

Step 5

Open your Disney Plus account. DisneyPlus.Com Login/Begin will make you wait 30 days, which seems arbitrary but is kind of helpful in terms of keeping you away from living TV. If you have cable, just give them your cable info and skip ahead. Y

ou can’t bypass that step unless you’re using another streaming service that already has your info on file (like Hulu, for example). Once it’s time to create an account, follow these steps: Click Start Free Trial. Select I want to sign up with an email address other than my primary email address. Enter a new email address.

Now it’s time to pick your plan. Unlike Netflix and Hulu, there’s only one tier: $6.99 a month, which gives you access to all of Disney’s content.

But if you’re signing up with a second email address (like an account for your kids), there are discounts: 2 accounts on basic plans get $2 off per month; 3 or more get $5 off per month. If you don’t need multiple profiles, no worries—you can sign in and add more profiles later for free.